Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I am slowly finding a new rhythmn in my life....are you kidding, there is NO rhythmn just organised chaos?!?!
Yep just when you think there is order, life has a way of showing you otherwise. Lol. The only order in my life is the end of the day when I make a date with myself to sit in my chair and stop and sew. Thank the Lord for my hobby, it is a gift and so are the people I have met with the understanding of why I do this "stuff".

So although I dont get here too often I still create along the way, now is the time to share my deeds. (Thank you Joy, your gentle way is my muse) 

Now a little errrr long time ago I bought this gorgeous kit at a craft show. Dont know what I was thinking as that stage could not really crochet. But what the heck I was assured it was quite simple, so off I headed.
It was simple but teeny tiny and did I mention didnt really know how to crochet? 2.25mm hook and 8ply DMC perle cotton.

Yes folks I am the one who skips the basics, gets bored with simple stages and goes directly to the back of the book to attempt the advanced. Strangely not a huge risk taker in life but when it comes to craft I loose my head. One never learns if one doesnt make mistakes and for some strange reason when it comes to creativity I am a little fearless. I did have an awesome art teacher in my early years at high school and I was often left to my own devises by my parents, so didnt suffer anyone telling me it was wrong.

Ta dah...... I do love it. It has taken years of stop start to achieve this. I did set it aside and learnt how to crochet a little better. I may attempt difficult stuff but not too stupid to realise that going back to learn the basics would be beneficial.

Realised that I had also made up my own stitch and this caused a bit of angst as the later little teeny tiny squares had a different tension and look. 
So unpicked the sewing, discarded a few really wonky pieces and reassembled the whole thing. The older wonky made up stitch squares I placed in the centre and used the newer better tensioned squares at each end. 

  I think I got away with it.

Ohhh look at me getting all arty now. The little bird was an opshop treasure that just had to come home. Love my little opshop treasures, so inexpensive, so much fun. My mother disdains all this frippery...just "dust collectors" in her eyes...dont know where I get my love of little treasures from.....sorry drifted off there...

 Now the other thing I purchased lately was this amazing piece of fabric at the latest craft show. It was a limited hand printed design, directly from artists in our aboriginal community.
I was drawn by its simple graphics and simpy fell in love with it. A lot of "Australiana" is an interpretation of indigioneous art by Europeans and down in southern states of Australia we do not find a lot of this art being affordable. Often the art is purchased cheaply from the artists and sold at huge margins by art galleries. This is changing in these modern times.

 This is the artist who created this design and it is a traditional one, depicting fishing nets.
This is the centre that protects these artists and their work ensuring a fair trade.

This is the distributor and the lovely lady I met at the craft show. In case you were interested there are many more fabrics to see.

And I purchased this pattern and will use the abovementioned fabric to sew a skirt. 
The skirt design is pure genius, it uses basically two squares of fabric that when sewn according to the instructions gives you a wrap skirt that DOES NOT gape and expose you. Love it!!
I can see a few more summer skirts using a great feature fabric coming my way.

So that dear friends is a little of what I have been up to in life.
Will be back in the chair tonight...pure bliss.


  1. And good afternoon to you beautiful Susan! I've got to say - what a blessing that you were encouraged to step out and reach out, for surely that has given you the get-up-and-go to keep stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone and produce the lovely and imaginative projects that you share with us! A 2.25mm hook and that fine thread and you didn't really know how to crochet - I take my hat off to you girl, you've either got loads of courage or you're more mad than you're letting on :) …. maybe a bit of both eh! Seriously though, you've done a lovely job with this and just unpicking and re-arranging the squares would have done my head in, so full marks for patience too!
    I am looking forward to seeing this lovely fabric in a skirt, and how great is it that you found a pattern for a wrap-around skirt that doesn't expose the parts that you want kept covered, haha! It really is wonderful that these aboriginal artists are now looked after and being paid fairly rather than being ripped-off as was so often the case in days gone by: thank you for this information Susan.
    I like your wee birdie treasure from the op-shop - enjoy him, and enjoy your lovely comfy chair tonight - I wonder what you'll be sewing or crocheting, now that you know how:) Thanks again for the entertainment, you always bring me a smile Susan!

    1. Joy, as ever it is wonderful to be able to share ones deeds and receive such wonderful feedback. As to the crochet exploits, one could say fools rush in where angels fear to tread......cos I am no angel...hahahah...