Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Feeling a bit cranky pants....

I will warn you now if you don't want to hear my cranky attitude then look away.  I have been having a C.C.M....a crap craft moment...and I am just cranky with it! 
In the spirit of keeping "it real" (whatever "it" is) I am going to share the moments when I loose it a little...(whatever "it" is) 

I am usually a stoic woman, to those whom I don't know that well. You know when people ask "How are you?" the polite reply..."Yeah, good thanks"......I mean we ask but do we really want to know? Do we want to stay and listen to the everyday aches and pains and ups and downs or do we then reply..."How are things with you?"......and really don't want to know, just being polite!

But there are those people in your life that will just listen, not try and fix you but accept that TODAY you are cranky...for whatever reason, real or imagined. My husband (bless him and I mean that sincerely) has learned that I will have days where I am not always pleasant and he still loves me. We all have those days when all the plans and anticipation of a long running project just don't come to fruition and out comes Mrs Cranky

 Take this little sucker......stitch after stitch I plowed on, I was making me a handbag and I really wanted to wear it ASAP.
I blocked that baby, waited days to see her dry and could not wait to stitch her up.
Well THAT didn't work well at all.....sure she looks straight there but meet her twisted sister

 Note the angle of the handles in relation to the bag side.
 And heres another torturous angle. I sewed her up and she wanted to twist the night away in her own direction. I tried everything to make her follow the right path but NOOOOOO! so I muttered and cursed and was ready to put her 

1. in the time out drawer
2. in the bin
3. send her to a professional straightener
4. forget the whole thing

Her partners in crime.....what a hot mess!
Instead I then uttered the "F" word......FOCUS....(why what did you think I was going to say?)
I breathed a deep breathe and said to myself, "self "I said  "pull yourself together, you going to let a little itty bitty piece of stitching bring you down?" "Yes!" I snivelled, "she is being mean to me"
And not just her. Look at this!

 There were tension issues with this one, a bit of stuff was ripped out. Hey that sorta felt better....still back to the beginning and try again.....back on track ....feeling betterer.

Piping issues. undo and retry again. Patience poppet. 

Fiddling and playing and don't care what happens here, not a lot of time or money invested. The shoulders are dropping 
 Oh YEAH...the cure to all cranky days.

 And because I don't want you to leave feeling cranky I will pop in these calming sunset images. The beauty of nature. 
Thank you so much for staying to chat even when its not all sweetness and light here. But that what life is all about.


  1. Goodness. You ARE having a chocolate with chili sort of day. A day that can only be cured with chocolate and chili and a slammed door. It will all be fresh another day. Or not. by the way....add chocolate and chili to our list!

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  3. argh those type of projects really make me cranky too! and often end up thrown in the bin! unless by some miracle I persevere! Chocolate is my choice of therapy too! I even use it as a goal to each step of sewing on some days!

  4. OH you dear darling, I'm so sorry you are going through this and wish I could help in some way! I really like that bag: the whole idea is great - just a pity it wants to wrestle you and try to take charge! You will overcome this, you will win this battle and go on to fight another day!!! Chocolate is good! Sending much love and peace your way xoxo

  5. I love the colours of your crochet ripple blanket(?) so please keep going! I generally try to avoid sewing on grumpy days as I know I get a bit slapdash which then infuriates me when I come back to it on a better day. I sometimes grumpy-bake though which is a good idea because the tasty cake/scone/biscuit usually cheers me up :)

  6. I think your bag is awesome!! When things don't work perfectly I think that's what makes them Beautiful... your bag is unique and beautiful!!