Sunday, 2 April 2017

Craft we need an explaination?

Greetings again.....

now as I was cogitating about books, I thought why not discuss the other books that feature in my life. My craft books.

I have grabbed those that I would deem as my "top shelf" items, those I look over regularly and inspire me to one day try to emulate those quilts that make me smile and "spark joy"in my brain. 

 Firstly however this book makes me a little wistful when I look through it. Kathreen is no longer with us, 
however she did leave inspiration behind in this work and I see the book as being a honour to her memory. 
 I love that quote..."you will either love it or hate it".....because that is what happens when I try to break those rules that float around in my subconscious. This book is a little gem and I treasure it as such. 

I have followed these two quilters (Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke) since the early days. 
Even though they have struck out on their own now, they still both have great ideas, each so different but each appealing to my eye. 
So now they are independent I can have twice as much fun with their designs.

I took this design from Kathy and tweaked it a little to make a gift for my boss, who happened to be a priest. It could not have been more perfect!

 I fell in love with this book after seeing other quilters review it on their blogs. I was not disappointed. 
The possibilities are endless, and the instructions on how to achieve that ever so slightly wonky look that I adore are fantastic.

And then "improv" was the buzzword, again it tapped into those quilts that just grab me by the heartstrings. 
I do really melt when I see and touch those antique quilts that these are based on. The fabric feels as though it holds the makers heart and soul within. I know it sounds a little OTT but that's just how I feel. 
Its as almost as if I can converse with the maker, feel her pride or boredom or frustration or sadness vibrate from the past. Did she think about her life as she sewed, did sewing give her solace or industry? 

 These were some of the first books I purchased. Applique was something I picked up quite quickly and I ran with it. 
To me this duo are the applique queens, and please do argue with me and let me know otherwise! But until then I will always gravitate to "Piece O Cake" for applique. 

Now talking of artists....I actually got to fly to the Texas Quilt show and meet up with the author of this next book. Not only that but got to share a room as well. 
Its a long story but it was quite adventurous of me to embark on that trip.....which was a 50th birthday present to me.....

Colleen was such a wonderful companion and her quilt brain just amazing!
She takes fabric and with some manipulation makes it look 3 dimensional. 

 I believe she studied engineering......

This was a gift from my children....well in that I said to my then 10 year old daughter....."I am buying this book and you can put it under the Christmas Tree for my present"...... or something like that. I think she actually bought it...neither of us can remember the exact details but I have had this for at least 12 years now and the designs are still modern and refreshing. 

Need I say more? Love them all 

Found this book in a thrift store, and it is full of great Australian Designs. It is so 1980's. I love seeing the fabrics we all worked with then. The designs hold up so well, they can be re imagined quite well in modern fabrics and colours. 

 This is the Stuart Desert Pea. 
 Not normally a fan of wearable patchwork but I would wear this. 
 The designs are still quite striking. May have this on the to do list. 

I had these even before I could quilt, a great record of traditional quilts. I remember my first attempt at a double wedding ring quilt from this........very ambitious , lets not say too much more about it..... I have improved a little since those early days. 
Think the quilt was a dog blanket briefly and now has gone to God ..........along with the dog.....

These books are opened a lot. Sometimes I even think about sewing when reading them.

 I want to live there!

 ......or here!
As I was going through the books I saw these amazing homes. 

Once upon a time, we embraced quirky in our homes and gardens. 
Note the glass bottle wall, stuck with plates, and those shells!!!

 I am straying into all sorts of unrelated territory now, and my word count is getting up there. 
In the interests of a readable foray into some of my craft books I will sign off and continue this discussion another day. 

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  1. There are so many of my favourites in there. Lots of classics. I've never come across Brave New Quilts but it sounds interesting, I'll see if my library has it. That photo of the vintage quilt hanging in Kaffes home is the reason I'm a crazy yoyo lady. I love that quilt and spent hours looking at it when I was a baby quilter.