Sunday, 18 June 2017

Life as we know it...

I have another blog post almost ready to go....and then life happened.

No rambling excuses, just life, and the upshot is we are moving house. Yes, there we are planning in our heads how we move on in retirement, and we up and put in an offer on a new home.....

So there has been a mass cleanup and we wait to finalise sales and settlement.

As result of life, I have been a little unsettled, so one morning I arose early and asked my husband if he would like to take a stroll down to the beach so I could take some photos.....he said "yes!" 

My husband is not always a patient man and he doesnt usually like to dawdle when I want to take photos......but on this occasion he did. 

The light was just perfect, a dull and still winters morning. This was what greeted us when we parked the car by the Mordialloc Creek. 

An obliging local allowed me to get his best side. 

And this is what my husband doesnt always understand, the need to take random photos.....I just find these things fascinating, little details and splashes of colour and texture. 

The colours just draw my eye, and I look to weathered and battered objects as to me they show so much character. 

Boats and ropes. 

This is me being arty like.....a stray orange piece of twine hanging off the pier. 

The water was so green that day, hard to describe. 

So having walked to the end of the pier and back we went for a delicious pastry and coffee......and I felt a little more settled....for now. 

Soon I will not have these scenes at my doorstep, as we swap the sea for the river.....


  1. gorgeous photos! my DH too doesn't get the random photos I take..he hates it when I bring out my big camera and start being a "tourist"....he finds it embarrassing!

  2. "weathered and battered objects ... show so much character." Kind of like us, huh?

  3. What a lovely husband!! I love random water and string photos!! and weathered things, and shadows, and stripes ( loving those lines in that last photo) . Changing the sea for a river will be a change, at least theres water. Of course I'll be looking forward to random river inspired photos.