Thursday, 6 December 2012


Ohhh, I do seem to be saying this a lot lately! Am I really sorry, well not as sorry as I would have been if I had spilt your drink but sorry in the fact that I seem to be rushing from one thing to another and being ever so slightly late in arriving.......and I pride myself on being on time........usually.

So sorry that these pictures from The Houston Show are only now being revealed. ( do you hate people making excuses?...sorry...see I said it again)

This could be a picture heavy post, so I will try and edit and show the quilts that I thought made the most impact.
Seriously this is stunning, both my children liked this also, another one to put on my to do list.....which is possibly bigger than Santa's naughty list....or not.

This time I also tried to remember to capture any interesting story behind the quilts. I dont know this method but isnt it effective?
This was a winner in a group project category, a picture or photo was taken and then cut into pieces, each member of the group was then given a piece of the picture to go away and work on as they saw fit. Then the patches were reassembled back into the picture. I like this idea and the ideas are endless, internet project with like minded quilters maybe?
This was only one block of the farmyard quilt but I was fascinated by the glow of the lamb due to the choice of fabrics used, a lot of Kaffe Fassett, and it was very realistic as a whole.

This was a long quilt that needed two shots to fit in.

I loved the design, almost surrealistic...maybe...Salvidor Daliesque?...perhaps?

Anyway as I was admiring it, a lady behind me exclaimed, "that looks like a crazy Australian quilt" in her American accent, I couldnt resist, I turned to her and replied, "What makes you say that?" my Aussie accent...
She laughed and explained it reminded her of our famous desert scapes and Ayers Rock, or Uluru, which is its native name.
Yeah I will give her that....but we aint crazy!!! :-) 

No this isnt me without makeup, it was a little doll, the kids think it was a little spooky, but I thought it was really adorable, I do have trouble threading my needles and I dont think it is going to get any better.
The winner!
Her quilt!!

I was blown away by the thought and effort and precision in this quilt, I did listen to her explanation as to the symbolism in the design but as I am very ignorant about the US and its history I forgot a lot of what she said. But apparently the number of stars and points and swags and crystals all added up to significant numbers in US history.
My friend and I laughed softly when we first saw the quilt and speculated that this was obviously done by an older lady with no children at home and a very supportive spouse.....ding wrong...young, pretty, three young children, sewed in the hours of the evening after children were in bed..10.30 until 1.00ish most nights.
It was also all done on a domestic machine , all of it, including the perfect quilting. SIGH....some people have a lot of talent and tenacity. A deserved winner, she was very sweet and quite emotional about the quilt, and I could understand that.

Well this catching up is all I can manage right now, running off to the next thing, slightly late.
But as you know I love animals, and couldnt resist taking a photo of this gorgeous creature....and the horse was quite good looking too!

This was what greeted us at the Bank Of America in downtown Houston....they better not rob that place cos they will be hunted down by the sheriff. I love it.
Well if you can stand it I will post some more pics soon, may as well drag out my trip, if I am clever i could keep this up until the next time I visit the US......NO come back only joking..


  1. It really is painting but with fabric, I thought that Grandma was real! :)

  2. Oh how beautiful they all are,I also love the granny we will all end up like that someday with our sewing on knee trying to thread a needle,mind I think Im there now!!!! Love Jill xx