Sunday, 16 December 2012


and all through the house........lots of creatures stirring!

Well not really but we have been a little busy putting in air conditioning....what luxury!

We have denied ourselves for twenty odd years in this house, and we dreaded each run of hot weather. In Melbourne we get north winds that heat up over the desert inland and blast all moisture from the air, hot hot hotter.......then a cool change arrives as the winds turn south and come in over the sea from Antarctica....temps can drop 20 degrees C in 20 mins. We love talking weather in Melbourne because we really can have four seasons in one day.

But what that has meant for me is a little disruption in my scared space, the sewing room

The duct needed to go through the room as we didnt have roof space, lucky the room was extra long. Anyway my creative and wonderful husband suggested we made the cover high enough for me to use as a cutting table.....hooray.....I am very happy about this.

So there he is cleaning up and doing manly things....I love a man that can set his mind to practical pursuits. 

So when its finished I will have MORE ROOM .....hehe....actually I plan to take over one day, but gently gently.....and I know that I have a lot more space than a lot of you out there, but then again not as much as lets not get despondent just keep dreaming of the day you will all have all you need and desire.

So in the meantime, I have been concentrating on small projects, which I think I love more than large quilts. Working in miniature has always fascinated me, I have loved dolls houses, and dolls and dolls clothes since forever but strangely never fell into that craft.

Ta Dahhhh.........1/2 inch hexagons, all scraps and I love it!!
A lot of the scraps were donated by a good friend, and her fabrics really enhanced my stash.......another friend was admiring the purse, and every piece she loved was one friends all have good taste...which why I am their that whichever way you like.;-)

The I initially glued the purse into the frame, then stitched it on. The ribbon serves to cover the stitches.

I made a few errors along the way, but I never expect my prototypes to be perfection. The next one will be just that bit better and then I will be motoring along by my 100th.

I also whipped this up in my spare time.

I had some let over large plastic buttons from a coat project with my daughter, and just got to playing with them one day. I layered the large buttons with my vintage buttons and this was the result.
I like it, what do you think?

And this I finished last night, it is from the latest booklet from Anni Downs called The Simple Life. I fell for this little pincushion, and was smitten by the hexagon construction.
It is quite clever the way hexagons, pentagons and half hexagons are sewn together to get this dome shape. It was not too complex, and the instructions in the booklet were very easy to follow.

Turtle on his back....the fabric again was donated by my friend, she has great taste , I think I may have mentioned that.
So I have been a busy person of late, but not frantic, refusing to do frantic at my age, it just sucks all the fun out of the air does frantic.

So busy blog friends until next time, dont do frantic OK?


  1. Love that little purse, so much work! :)

  2. Hooray for air con and getting a new cutting table that's a win/win. Your hexagon bag is gorgeous of course and your new turtle pincushion is adorable. What's his name? He must need a friend. Yertle?

  3. Oh. My. I do love the clutch! Gorgeous and such intricate work! Love it!!

    :) Hazel