Sunday, 27 January 2013


We are starting to get to know each other now, you have seen my bare feet and listened to my waffle conversations, so lets imagine you have been invited in for a cuppa tea.

We start with the "how are you"?s, we talk about the weather, very dry and no rain to speak of for weeks now! Other parts of Australia in dire flood crisis.

Then you politely say, "thats a nice pin cushion" someone posted in my comments lately...( I love comments so thank you for the lovely bloggers who leave them)

Uh Oh, because that is all the encouragement I need to reply, 
"Sit there, I will make you a cuppa" and I race off to bring you all my pin cushions to show.....( think large enthusiastic puppy)

 This is my everyday favourite, made from a Better Homes and Garden pattern many years ago. Really plump and filled with wool roving. I find wool holds the pins in unlike synthetic toy stuffing. Once you try you will understand the difference.

 This is a design by Helen Daftner, I bought it as a kit, hand dyed velvets, its all yummy and barely a pin has been put in it..purely decoration this one. Also deceptively simple to make.

These also are kits by Annie Downs of Hatched and Patched, I have given some of these as gifts and this year a stitching friend suprised me with one as a gift!! Hers is the doggie and she used her own wool fabric.

Made this at a craft show workshop....very cute.

Made this for number one daughter, and she now sews so its in good hands.

Bought this a while back, designed by Elanor Peace Bailey, note the thimble necklace and safety pin earrings. Very quirky, but she has lost the feathers from her hat...must replace them.

This is a reminder of my childhood, a friends mother had a pin cushion like this and I must have spent hours playing with the pony tails and loving the colours and the way they hug the pin cushion....I know very strange child!! But lovely memories of a lovely family.

Ebay find.

I made this from a kit by Gail Wilson, she stands quite tall...and no pins in her either. Love this one.

Another Ebay purchase, I hope none of you find this offensive, I think she is beautiful and I love her expressions, sometimes she looks exasperated and sometimes wistful. I have given her a comfy shelf.

Started this in a class and its designed by Helen ?????? I have so forgotten her name... she is famous for her thread painting....aaargggh dont you hate that? 
It will come to me and I will rectify that gap in my knowledge.

Have you dozed off yet?

Here is a little scrap pin cushion I made after seeing similar on the internet at Life under Quilts
This is its polite side.
......and this is its prickly side! 

Well I laughed.

Just as you were looking for the nearest escape route from my home, the kids arrived and as per usual were asking,
 "Whats to eat around here?"

So my daughter (she is the one in polka dots) has very kindly whipped you up a Victoria sponge.

I hope you enjoyed you tea and cake, visit again soon.....


  1. Very nice collection of pincushions. The ones you've made yourself are great, very impressive.

  2. I think you are the pic cushion queen Susan!
    That is some collection you've got there! I have one big one that I made and filled part of it with sand to sharpen the needles. I do quite like that one, not great for transporting due to the size and weight but good on my work bench. I just also got a beautiful Cath Kidston cupcake one for my birthday which is just too cute to use!
    Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, you now have two pin cushions, I see a collection on it's way!
      The rectangular cushion you liked in my previous post is a Cath Kidston too, it came from her "Stitch" book, she has so many fabo designs.

    2. Haha, I do love a collection so watch this space!
      I just wanted to let you know am passing on the Leibster Award to you, but there's no pressure to participate if you're snowed under with pin cushions!
      Jo x

  3. Lovely collection you have there Susan,I love the lady with the thimble and saftey pin earrings,and the one with the prickly side made me chuckle.Love Jill xx

    1. Jill, you have a great sense of humour too! Love it!