Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I CAN SEE NOW........

I broke my glasses a fortnight ago, the arm snapped right off and no amount of sticky tape was going to do it, so I had to go to the optometrist and get new glasses.

Well not having bothered to update the specs for....ahem nearly....ahem.....8 years.....I CAN NOW SEEEEEEEEE.

I tell you the prices have dropped with time, and how many things can you say do that. All those years ago glasses cost me nearly $500 now, two pairs under $200. I CAN SEEE......yes I am a little excited. It means I can continue the fine stitching I love.

This has been driving me a little nuts, as its on a nobbly type linen. I keep missing threads and have restarted it three times now, trying to keep it all together.

I have progressed slowly and still have errors but now I am ploughing on because one little mistake will not mar the big picture.......its what makes it unique and arty, if we wanted perfection we would get a machine to do it....right?

Yes folks not all my points meet but thats the way I roll baby.

This I managed because it has nice even aida cloth, its by Michael Powell and I am making it as an engagement gift. 
The young couple were engaged on a holiday to Mykonos, and lucky me had this waiting to do. 
I really enjoy giving things away as much as I like making them.

And here it is finished and framed, the outline work really is the icing on the cake. I have framed it in a modern style by stretching it over an artist canvas which you can buy in various sizes at "Riot Art and Craft" here in Australia. Easy Peasy.

So having completed this I took a bunch of my other stitcheries that had been languishing and got them framed after...ahem......a great deal of time.

So this is my wall in the sewing room now...boy that hug stands out doesnt it? But now I can see again, there will be more.

A close up. I changed the wording on the bottom of this and stitched in our surname...can you guess what it may be?

Another close up, the stitching on this was intense and even now you may not see it but a lot of small intricate work, glad I did it though. 

I have discovered lately what it is I really like doing, as I have often been somewhat envious?...no wrong word, intrigued as to why some people find their passion, or niche and thats it they go for it.

I often flit from one to the other, liking them all, but at times almost being a little bored....there I said it.......sometimes too much of a good thing can leave you a little bored. Its like eating dessert all day, one will tire of it.
But now I have come to realise I enjoy sitting and holding a needle and doing a slow even stitch that allows a project to slowly come to life.
Hence the cross stitch and the English Paper Piecing that is now my newest love.

I put it all down to the jigsaw puzzles that I adored doing as a child, the more pieces the better.

So now I can SEEEEEEEE.......yes still banging on about that, I will go back to sitting in front of the telly at night, watching some bad movie or sports show keeping the husband happy and stitch away.

That is what I love doing so much, busy productive day, quiet night, the company of family and or good friends and a needle in my hand.


  1. I tried my friends reading glasses on yesterday, opened up a whole new miniature world for me.....guess what I'll be buying this morning! Beautiful little stitches! :) x

  2. Oh I am so pleased you can see again,your stitching is perfect.Love all your pictures they are so pretty.Love Jill xx