Saturday, 20 July 2013

Oh Dear, I have been a bad blogger of late........

There I have been reading all and sundry , posting witty and pretty remarks on other blogs and basically sucking the life juices from the blog-a-sphere and NOT putting back.

So I feel its my turn to contribute to the general chatter here.
Blogging is such a strange thing pour your heart into your posts crafting the sentences you hope someone will read, stifling disappointment when there are no comments, gasping when you realise that half the "traffic" to your blog is spam....oh boy DO NOT follow THOSE links.......well yes I did but its not pretty and it is certainly NOT for anyone's eyes to see.....uggghhh...still shuddering at that fox paw....( lame joke, faux pas-fox paw)....heheh.......he.....silence!

Now where was I? Oh yes blogging......but then I realised that it dont really matter. I do read blogs sometimes and rarely comment. I do look forward to others and their daily updates on life in general. I appreciate sometimes I am witnessing pain, and hurt and bewilderment and any number of human emotions within the blog.
And I have re-read some of my own posts and realised it was in some way a precious snap shot of my life and progress.

So I will carry on in  my own way....

I love this artist....his ability for observation of humans is so uncanny. He can be rude and crude and cutting at times, and then gentle and soulful and reflective at others. His name is Michael Leunig and many here in Melbourne consider him a living treasure.
This is taken from a recent book he published and it sums up where I want to be in life.

It takes courage sometimes to get off the treadmill and carve your own path, You do get people urging you to go faster and faster, with good intentions but I do enjoy a good plod.

I have over many weeks now been knitting up a lot of these things.
Now before you exclaim...not more BUNTING!  No, its not what you may think.

There, what do you think?

I saw this pattern in Spotlight and it is by a New Zealand designer, Nikki Gabriel. It is a clever design that is basically patchwork, in that you make the triangles and sew them into an arrangement and a jumper is born.

I knit each winter, and most winters I am so disappointed by the results. You take a gamble when you knit, because you often have no sample garment to try on to see if it suits. I set myself up for this feeling each year, but sometimes it works.
I told myself this year if it didnt suit, then I would make it into a blanket or cushion cover. So I pressed on.

It was not all plain sailing, after an initial fitting, the sleeves were horrible.

I do not have matchstick arms, no they are very generous hugging machines. as you may be able to see in the first pic, the dark fabric is the size I needed to be. The arms in the pattern were too long and too tight. thinks, and thinks.
Looks like the blanket option again.

But No!

Do you see what I did there?

This design was so clever, I basically placed another triangle under the arm, making room for the upper bicep. I also re sewed..( is that a word?) the seams so the shoulder was higher and the whole thing worked.

I can see many many more jumpers to knit now, and the whole thing actually follows my curves, so it shows a waist and the girls to their best advantage.
So often big girls are given a square to flattering.....NOT.

So that is one of the plodding type things I do. 

Feel free to leave a comment, :-)

In the meantime I will award myself this.


learning to stand up and hold my head just that little higher.

Thank you blog-a -sphere!


  1. Thank you Susan - I did enjoy reading your lovely and varied post! It's amazing how those shapes turned into a great jumper! I agree with your comment re knitting up a pattern - then finding at the end of it that the thing doesn't fit, or it's not in the least flattering to your body shape - and let's face it - we are all different shapes!
    Well done, and I'm happy that you're happy with the end result, for in the finish, after all the effort, that's what matters!
    Happy week to you Susan!
    Joy x

    1. Lol...thank you Joy. Sometimes even I don't know where the writing will lead...
      And the jumper is very warm which exactly what I need right now.

  2. I'm with you Susan I too enjoy a good plod. I always think I'm the tortoise not the hare! Your jumper looks very clever I must say for a self confessed plodder you do achieve a lot. Congrats to you on another finish.

  3. Wow! I so didn't expect that! I was thinking bunting, then blanket and when you showed it was a jumper, what a twist!
    Clever you, using another triangle under the arm! and I agree I hate the boxy tops and dresses out your curves you were given, so much nicer! Love the colours and I bet it looks lovely on :))