Monday, 24 June 2013


Its all good folk and folkettes, I have just tried my hand at a little craft project that I have been meaning to do for a while now.

Remember my love of Gaudi and mosaics,

as this illustrates


I have this really dull spot in the garden. Because unlike our English  cousins we have long hot summers, sandy soil and have just endured a ten year drought. I tend not to grow flowers that need water or pampering. Mine is the set and forget type garden, if it grows it grows, if not then it was not meant to be.

So my garden lacks colour generally, especially in Winter.

Cue the cheap colored tiles from the local hardware store.

And I got cracking, literally. I cracked up those tiles and away I went.
It was such fun, I mean its not unlike quilting, we take perfectly good fabric and cut it into smaller pieces and stick it back together again. Its the same here!

Like a jigsaw puzzle really.

Ta dahhhhh

I am pleased with it, the kids and hubby think I should paint the un-tiled surfaces.......I don't know......maybe I should tile the bottom half? But I don't want to over do it.....but then again ......did Gaudi stop? No he definitely did NOT.

Here is the next pot ready to this space, I may soon be known as that lady who lives in that mosaic house with all her quilts and divine!

I do leave the house as this photo proves, when we got up early and went to a local market. This was before all the crowds arrived, get there early is our motto, eat well, and be home in time for tea

Which is what we did.

I had to take this shot, as we arrived at the market the sun was low in the sky and shone right through these honey was just serendipity that I saw the light , whipped out the camera and snapped this.......

I am loving the new lens...which I may have mentioned before......I am still learning much but loving the process.

No garden flowers but I can pamper them inside in a pot.

Or take many artistic shots of picked flowers.

I will sign off now unless this becomes a very picture heavy ramble, does anyone remember slide nights after family or friends have been on that overseas cruise...and as children we were made to sit quietly and suffer shot after shot after shot of get my pain. Hahahaha...I am in danger of being those people!


  1. I was one of those who loved slide nights, sad or what! Yes I think more bold, be brash, it's what's it's all about ( but don't forget I'm someone who loves slide nights......) :) x

  2. I love this post Susan - your mosaic work is beautiful - and I think more mosaics on the lower half of that pot would look great - maybe even a self-colour?
    Your indoor blooms are gorgeous and your new lens really working a treat for you. Tell me, are those bright coloured biscuits for real, really?!
    Love the shot of the honey jars - well done - right place, right time!
    Joy x

    1. Joy, we must think alike!  I came to the same conclusion last night, a single colour mosaic on the bottom.
      Yes those biscuits were real, they were macarons we got from the market, don't be fooled the flavours were more subtle.
      Thank you for your appreciation of my new photos I am having a ball. There will be more, be afraid, be very afraid....hahahaha

  3. Love your mosaics, the pot looks fabulous. Is there no end to your artistic talent?? Very impressed. The photos are looking great too, very professional. Deb.x

  4. Lovely pictures, I'd definitely paint the rest of the pot but then I'm a bit of a colour freak. Nice to know somewhere is getting long hot dry summers, just wish it was here ~ Sarah x