Saturday, 5 October 2013

I really should be doing something else.....

and I will get back to it eventually but I need a chat and a sit down.
I have had a major spurt of activity in the sewing room and getting out and about, so lets share our days adventures shall we?

Firstly I snuck out of the house early on the weekend to catch up with this annual event.
This wonderful venue is host to a yearly hanging of quilts, with entrance fees, raffles and various other fundraisers going to the charity supporting those with breast cancer.
It is an intimate event but very well patronised, as I discovered when I arrived!! I thought that on the day of a major sporting event, the crowds would be down, I arrived just after a BUSLOAD of lovely ladies arrived.........all good, I waited patiently and soon was able to peruse the display.

Gasp, the theme this year was chintz, my favourite, love a full blown rose in my fabric. (Well that is what chintz means to me)

This caught my eye because just now I am enamoured with hexies, more on that later, delicious isnt it?

This was a lone block, I loved the faded glory, sorry the picture is rubbish but I did mention a busload of ladies didnt I?
There were several antique quilts on display, but pictures were not permitted, sadly, and I do follow the rules, sadly...:-)

These were permitted to be photographed, its broderie perse, or something like that, cut and paste , sew. How rich are these colours still? This is an antique quilt. I love how these ladies would be just as creative as us, using available fabric and creating pretty things for the home.

Heehee, this was the frantic activity around a stall selling fabric, no line up at the cake stall, so I went there until the frenzy subsided.

This is modern quilt with an antique medallion centre, again I was drawn to the faded tones, it all balanced well with the antique fabric and had the feel of something made long ago.

This was a large panel centre and simple borders, love the colours in this one. Again I apologise for the quality of the photo, the light was difficult and it was blowing a gale outside. In the barn all the quilts were swaying gently, hence no awesome shots possible.

This was the front and back of the raffle quilt, still waiting for someone to ring and tell me I have won it? Sigh!!!

More beautiful hexagons, seriously can you ever tire of these things?...Dont answer that!

Someone was very patient and clever....see this is why I hold onto scraps, one day I think I will do something like this.....I day........maybe........lets just have another piece of cake and think a bit more.
And it is this activity that sends me back to the sewing room to obsess over my scraps...aaaaarrrrgggghhhh.

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  1. I'm always in awe of the work, love and creativity that goes into these wonderful quilts, thanks for sharing! :) x