Friday, 8 November 2013

LIFE ..........can be so overwhelming at times.

Well, events in ones life can seem to be too much, but quilting and creating has taught me so much about coping when it gets a bit crazy out there.

hehe,  couple of crazy cats.

Its all good folks, I am doing great,  just in case those of you with sensitive souls get worried.....

I am soooooo blessed to have such a supportive spouse and time to create, because I do think that without the creativity I would be swamped. Everyone needs a hobby, that thing that gets them out of bed and looking forward to the day ahead.

I spent the time cutting up fabric when I was feeling stressed after dealing with a stubborn elderly parent. It helped me calm down and not lash out in my frustration and their fear.

This corner of the table was my haven, piles of fabric reduced to tiny hexagons that one day will make another purse. I am looking forward to that!

More hexagons that will come together in another project.

And that is what my creative pursuit has taught me, at first it may seem overwhelming." I cannot do that", I have said , and I have heard others say.
If you look at the finished quilt it can seem too much, but if we sit a while and break it down into small pieces, it doesn't seem too bad after all.

We add the little tasks together and before we know it, a larger piece appears. We are progressing forward.

I have recently had to step up at work to cover for a collegue, sadly for them life has been too overwhelming. I too was nervous, would I cope with the extra in my life? I mean I had just got everything so well balanced, I didn't want to upset my apple cart.

But I did as I would do in my creative world, I stopped , took a deep breath and broke it down into small pieces. Slowly I picked up the pace and things progressed forward.

Things got done at work, projects will be finished at home.

This project waits quietly, it too will be a slow and steady creative escape.

A pleasant interlude when I want to sit and stitch with little thought.

And that is what quilting has taught me about life.


  1. A very lovely wise post Susan - you talk good sense! Your hexes are coming along great and I love your crazy cats! Keep smiling! Hugs, Joy x

    1. Hi Susan, I love your cats. Do you have a guidance for me? And so many hexagons, when do you do this. I put them in a box at the moment and because I am a bean counter I have already calculated that I need 3700 peaces, but you said that hexagon sewing makes me calm...

  2. ... and by the way I have an account ;-))

  3. I could have written this post myself xxx I hear what you are saying