Wednesday, 25 December 2013

CHRISTMAS HAS COME....and gone .......just like that!

Oh the joy of it all, and no I am sorta not being sarcastic but I sorta am.
I work for a church and for me I get to experience the two sides of this festive season. I observe the coming of advent, the anticipation of the birth of a special child, the religious meaning that will be different to all around the world.
Then I get to see the stress and anxiety trying to make this one day of the year.."perfect". OH BOY.

How do we humans manage to sometimes suck the fun out of these things? And I will confess that I was one of those perfectionists once. 
I blame advertising personally, all those images of happy gift giving families that come together and are happy in each others company. 
It hurts when your own family isn't quite like that and you have no other comparison as a child, no other family that tries to get along but just doesn't quite make it.....well join with me and realise we can only do the best we can.

My daughter is overseas this year, my son has a fabulous relationship with a young woman whose birthday is Christmas Day and my mother would rather be with my sister in another state now she is widowed. 
This year I was free of all expectations and stress. 
I was happy for my daughter and her travels, she will be back and we will enjoy each others company another time, just not at Christmas. My son will be back home soon having spent a wonderful day with his other family and we will talk again, not just at Christmas. My mother will return and we will continue to try and get along, just not at Christmas.

I have dropped all expectations for this one day, ignored all the hype and spent time with those who are here today.

I have greeted neighbours with a cheery smile and hope to catch up again, not just at Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I am just as excited as anyone about Christmas but if it goes a little awry then I dont get upset, its only one day and it doesn't need the stress of being perfect.

Before my daughter left to travel she made this little village from a kit. 

How sweet is that, I loved taking photos and imagining what it would be like to see real buildings decorated like that.

Found some sweet chocolates for adding to the festive feel.

Was given a sweet gift 

And made and sent a little something to a dear penpal.

The pin cushion is a Anna Maria Horner design and the house from Kajsa Wikman's book "Scandinavian Stiches".

I had so much fun on these little projects and enjoy sending them onto other people, somewhat quicker than a quilt and still says handmade with love.

I also received a lovely gift from my penpal Dagmar, who I have really enjoyed getting to know. This is why I am happy all year around not just at Christmas.

A little cosmetic bag, with a very clever zip placement.

The zip spirals from the top corner to the lower corner.

And inside the purse was a bundle of fabric squares, I am so pleased to receive such a suprise and I have a scrap project that will use these squares in many ways.
Thank you Dagmar.

I can thank this blog for this friendship, as Dagmar contacted me via email through this medium. I write on with such joy in my heart as you never know where things will lead. 

So Christmas is gone and .....oh don't get me started on New Years Resolutions.....but that's another story.

Heres to further joy and NOT JUST AT CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Hello Susan, i found your blog thru Finish it up Friday and way intrigued by the your blog's name. I love this post-I too appreciate people all year long and do not get wrapped in "today's the holiday therefore we MUST do XY or Z" but take the days as they come and live as if we may not get another chance to see that individual. I am reading your archives and enjoying myself very much.

  2. I have really enjoyed this post Susan, and certainly concur with you - Christmas is only one day in the year and life happens each and every day and we need to make the effort to live each one as well as we possibly can. You have a great disposition! Beautiful gifts coming and going - precious times! Hugs, Joy x