Tuesday, 11 February 2014

BREAKING a few routines here......

Dont tell anyone but instead of rushing around doing my chores I am sitting here blogging and enjoying myself a great deal I may add.

I have just read Joys blog and was inspired by the hearts theme of Valentines day to blog today. Also because I have a bevy of images to show. I love hearts and they feature in a few items in my house.

This is for you Joy

But the piece I really want to share is my heart quilt.

What do you think.....too much? 
Nah too much is never enough with hearts in my book. I saw this pattern in American Jane's book "Quilts for all seasons...and some for no reason". I had picked this up on special at a quilt show and I cannot tell you how many quilts I want to make from this publication.

I had the perfect fabrics in my stash to start the quilt and was determined to use them. I pieced this fabric so I could use it and I am not disappointed, I mean I could have rushed out and bought some more but sometimes quilting is about making do so I did!

Had some of this floating around, again a bargain picked up at a quilt fair. Sometimes a bargain is too good to think about too much.

Some more detail

Now I dont know what happened here, I cannot get the image to rotate so if I could just ask you to tilt your head......Thanks

Ok have you has enough now?
You get the drift it is smothered with hearts, all hand appliqued onto background squares. 
I did have to go and purchase the red background fabric and the mostly red fabric because at the time I only had pastels and florals in my stash. Have more red now.

 Agonised over the backing fabric, I do I really do, sometimes more than I fuss over the quilt top. Somehow the backing fabric becomes the reason I dont finish a quilt. I think it has something to do with a wonderful quilt teacher who told me that backings were important because that is the sight you see when you pull it up over your body.

Anyway this was just the ticket for me.

Had some fun on picmonkey.

So I hope you embrace the fun meaning of Valentines day, my hubby and I dont go all out for it these days because our love is every day.

But I send you all some love and hope because that is what I receive from others in blog land and I would LOVE it if you found some here or even there. It dont matter where you find it really.

Love to you all and I may even link this with crazy mom quilts on Friday. But because todays Wednesday it wont happen yet.


  1. You're so sweet Susan, what a lovely surprise to pop in and see my name in lights (so to speak) - and thank you so much for the little hearts and bird feeder! I just LOVE your hearts quilt - you've done a tremendous job on it and I know it must have taken an age to do! And the backing couldn't be better - very well chosen! Your last pic is quite mesmerising - aren't you a clever cookie!
    I certainly do find love and hope here and I'm so happy we have connected, thank you! Have a wonderful week and keep spreading love. Warm hugs and love to you too, Joy xo

  2. Hi Susan I must have been channelling your heart quilt yesterday as I made a square with an applique heart and thought how it would make a great quilt.
    I'm sticking with the one heart as its a gift and I have bigger fish to fry!
    ps. Like you my husband and I love each other every day so we wont be celebrating with anything special!

  3. That's a beautiful quilt! and the backing does make the perfect combo :)
    I have a good friend that hates any quilt with a heart or a house on it! I always had a laugh about that and never really have got it, as I love both in quilts....it's homely :)
    And lucky me, I have already felt the love and hope that you beam out!
    Thankyou and keep on shining! xx

  4. Hello
    That is some mighty fine heart quilt you have made there - well done and hope that there are more in the offing!
    Thank you for calling in
    Best wishes