Friday, 24 January 2014

I Have A Finish To Show...

 Once upon a time there were three little blocks......

Who got together on a design wall and had a party.

Soon they had organised themselves into this....

Not bad, but there was still more to be done.

Bit of this.....

Bit of that...
Bit of the other.....

Ta da da da da da daaaahhhhhhh.

(see the little dog he is seriously impressed)
And again for those who were busy talking and missed the first stage bow....encore encore the crowd yells..

All hand quilted and machine pieced.

I am proud of this and every stitch was worth the end result. I first saw this in a magazine in 1998, and finally it lives in my home.

I hope my next completion is not so long in fruition. 
I know it wont be because back then I had a desire but no real clue, now I have learnt a bit more and have the confidence to proceed. 

I even designed the quilting myself! I pondered on what to put in the large yellow blocks, a floral pattern didnt seem to suit, so a discovered the spiderweb pattern. I found a template at a craft show but it didnt fit the size of the space. I actually improvised and used the position of the spokes from the template as a guide and drew each block freehand. 

It is quilted in perle cotton in three colours. Pink, white and yellow.

And a voile backing......because I fell in love with that fabric.

It is soft and pretty and almost the first one JUST for ME. happy......big smug smile on dial.

OOOOpppps, little slip in blogger etiquette here,


  1. Absolutely beautiful and well worth the wait I'm sure!

  2. VERY pretty!!! Love that you hand quilted her too:):)

  3. What an impressive quilt. Hand quilting takes FOREVER. It is simply beautiful.

  4. Ooooooh, I am so impressed Susan - such patience you must have to hand stitch such a beauty and look at the lovely paisley pattern too! Take another bow m'dear, you deserve a medal for this art! And to think I had almost missed this post! Cheers, Joy x

  5. I am super impressed too!! that is gorgeous! And wow....all that hand quilting is just so beautiful! :))

  6. Oh My goodness I LOVE it! I've had a picture of this block pinned on my wall since I started quilting! I think you've persuaded me its time to tackle it!