Tuesday, 12 August 2014

MY DAY OFF........
Yesssssss, I thought yippee, midweek break, well earned and now for "me" time. First I will have a quiet cuppa.............

 Then I will head to my sewing room to crack on with the many and varied projects I have to complete..........

 Yup, its gonna be great!!!

Well, I did have a little snack with said cuppa tea, a little smack of bread, jam and cream. Gasp! I hear you say? Don't knock it until you try it, its my weakness and I find it keeps me well fuelled for the day. Well as I said a wee snack and a cuppa and I was set to go.
I started well, I got chopping into my scrap pile, I downloaded photos, swapped an old cutting mat......and that's when my day became a little unravelled.

You move things at your peril in the sewing room in mi casa, it exposes dust, and once you move a pile 'o dust you have to keep going. So it was downstairs to get the duster....dust around sewing area....not bad.....OK...NOW to start sewing!

Hmmm snack has digested a little and cuppa has done its work, I think I may just pop to the loo before I start.....nah just been downstairs so I will use the kids bathroom upstairs. (the kids are 21 and 25)

So then it was downstairs to get the cleaning bucket and hours later I am exhausted, the bathrooms clean but I am exhausted. And you know what, they will hardly notice, hubby will come home and ask how my day off was?.....and what did I get done?..because he doesn't really notice either......aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

Thank goodness I have sewing to calm me down and I will get some done later..............just as soon as I have a cuppa and a snack..........

This is the said scrap basket and I am determined to empty it. That is my current top of my list project.

 And these are some more of the blocks I need to complete. So the scrap basket has been well mined for fabric there. This quilt has quite a history. I bought the pattern in 2008 and worked sporadically on it. At one stage my daughter did a block as a distraction when she was having bully problems at school.

The quilt will be finished now I have made it my mission to clear old projects before starting any new ones ......this year.......maybe....we will see! The block my daughter did is the top left hand one of the angel and house. She did a great job but decided that quilting wasn't really her thing. She now sews her own clothing and cons me into taking her to the local fabric store just as a girly thing and of course I end up buying the poor university student any amount of cloth she needs to create an outfit.

And the scrap basket has been mined for these blocks.
They are for a quilt by Sarah Fielke from the book "Material Obsession Two"  Maple Leaf Rag.
I am having a blast using scraps and creating this odd fabric. It is liberating not having to be accurate. Like colouring outside the lines, in fact its like scribbling and paying no attention to any lines.
Then when you have thrown together a piece of cloth you cut it according to the template and like magic it looks amazing.
I have 128 of these little suckers to finish. 

So that is a little of what happens on a  so called day "off"

I blame the coming of spring for my cleaning frenzy too, have you noticed that as the sun shines through the dirty windows it exposes the dust bunnies just that bit more..........Love the sun, don't love dust. 

Well bye for now...remind me to tell you about this woman I knew and her three daughters and her way of dealing with bad bathrooms.Oh well may as well tell you now.
You see I used to go to this woman's house for a sewing night. She was a single mum and had three lovely girls.....but they were feisty and teenagers to boot. They had two bathrooms, the girls sharing one and mum having her own. This woman was quite strict, as you have to be as a single parent and three girls. So there we all were sewing quietly, when one child comes in and asks if she could get the key to mums bathroom as she didn't want to wait for her sister to finish. Mum replied "No, you didn't keep your bathroom clean and you are not using mine"
We kept our eyes on our work pretending we didn't hear the exchange of mutterings from the thwarted child.....but then it was ON!!! 
For the rest of the evening we were visited by any and all combinations of the three girls pleading, acting and wheedling and crying and collapsing spectacularily on the floor,
PLEEEEEESSSSE we don't want to wait for her to finish can we use your bathroom!!
This woman had nerves of steel and she didn't give in......

Yeah great story, glad I waited around for that......says the little daog


  1. OH thank you dear Susan, you've made me laugh again - what a strong woman she is - I would have given in so as to avoid feeling affronted while 'others' were present.
    I'm loving all your scrapping and needlework, they each tell their story, and I'm also loving your wee 'daog':) Your new blocks are just great and I'm looking forward to seeing more on those, and I must say: keep your eyes closed against all distractions when heading for your sewing room - you know something will grab your attention and keep you away from what you REALLY want to do! You did spend the time well though, and YOU know that the bathroom is clean even if they don't!
    I hope the rest of your week is wonderful and maybe even contain a surprise or two:) love, Joyxo

  2. bahaha!! fantastic! way to show her girls! oh and I get the day off thing it happens ever to often! And so frustrating when I have to clean my own sewing table because someone else ( DH ) has left stuff on it!!