Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ohhhhh...Post Title!

You never stop learning it seems.....who would have thought there was a post title in this blogger thingy. LOL.
I have been on a wee bit of a roll it seems here and in my work. It is coming up 12 months since I had to take on extra hours and it has been a change and it has been a juggling act, but you know what, I am still learning. 
Learning what I am capable of and what I can cope with and learning how to keep up with technology too...I do amaze myself sometimes!! 

And this little critter was a project I was itching to get going.....eeekkk! It is the cutest mouse in a matchbox that you ever did see. Its designed by Simone Gooding of Mayblossoms.

She comes with a full bed , a little pillow and a little blanket. I had the bestest time playing as I once did as a child. Picking scraps of fabric for the bedding..(vintage sheets no less) and making her comfy and pretty.

This is her posing with the blanket...
I may bore you with the photoshoot but it was so much fun.

Phew, a collage to the rescue.

But dear friends that is not the only small doll I have made, this is the teeniest tiniest little doll I have ever managed and it was a mite tricky.
Here she is posing next to her teeny tiny quilt. Not impressed yet?

Here she is standing next to my mobile phone...huh,huh? Impressed much? 

This is a Gail Wilson design and she is the BEST at instructions and kits for doll making. I would do more but then I would be a crazy lady in a house stuffed full of dolls.....meaning I have a few where would I put them all? 

 This is the tiny doll with the other doll, what I do need to do at some stage is make her some clothes but she is sweet in her cami. Oh yes there is more and many accessories for this doll, I have made a few more things.
I made the rug, chair and the teeny Amish quilt.

And this is how they live on display.
And my mouse has now joined the family.

Think its beddybye time for little mousies now.

Young things are so exhausting!

I also received a lovely parcel from my pal Joy at Joyjinks, and having been reassured that is was safe to proceed...I popped that bubble wrap open....
Inside was a sweet card and heart and .........

This gorgeous fabric basket!!!! I was very happy as I had been researching fabric baskets and pondering on how to make my own. 
This basket now holds my bits and bobs nicely on the table and stops them roaming around getting in the way.
Thank You Joy!!

Does anyone else do this? I have placed a list of things I really do want to complete this lifetime, it is a slow burner list and may be dug up one day on an archaeology site because the list is not being ticked off at any fast rate. But I have made some small progress, I HAVE A LIST!!

That's my paparazzi at work again, capturing me at work.....umm on a project that is not on the list...

OH WELL.......but at least I have the list..right?

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  1. Ah what a delightful post dear Susan, you made me smile again :) !!!
    I LOVE your little mousie and bed and your sweet dollies - how clever you are, and top marks for managing such intricate little things so magnificently. I so love all the details ….. just beautiful!
    Your sense of humour has come to the fore again - no dangerous goods - I am glad you were careful about that, haha!
    Your craft area looks a very relaxed and packed-to-the-rafters spot, and you look happy in your place - now get on with that list, I'm wondering what will be first?
    xo Joy