Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Little trip away

Hello again dear readers......I know you are out there because my page count says so.......ahhhh...unless they are all spammers!

My hubby and I took a short break just recently so I dont have much to show in the way of projects but I have got a few snaps of the wonderful city of Hobart to share if you wish to stay around.

We stayed on the waterfront of this wonderful city, which for you overseas visitors is situated on that little island that sits at the bottom of Australia. We have a big boat race that starts from Sydney on Boxing Day and ends here in Hobart whenever all the boats make it safely through Bass Straight and up the Derwent River.

And there are the most beautiful buildings on the waterfront. This was near the hotel and had lovely shops and a cafe which served the most tasty food. We ate there a bit, you could say!

The stones had the most amazing texture.
And whilst my hubby quenched his thirst for the good life I ran around taking arty shots of the walls.......and I am sure the locals see this a lot. 

What do you think? 

Then we took a walk around to a place called Battery Point which still has original settlers cottages perched on a hill with a common green in the centre. Hubby complained the whole way up the hill, but it was so worth the walk for the charming vista. 
Now you lucky people in England and Europe get to see such things possibly on your way to the shops each day. But we here in Australia are young and free....sorry silly national anthem snuck in there. We are young and I am starved for history in architeture compared to the rest of the world.

 The slope was pleasant, and I was pleased to get this shot as I had to snap it quickly in case his lordship got impatient and walked back down the hill. I make him sound like a dragon but he really just likes to tease me whenever I get enthusiatic about buildings.

 I then couldnt stop snapping away at this house. So pretty, I could really live here.

Have you finished yet?

You can see the mocking grin under that mustache. Can I tell you he has had that mo for as long as we have been together (coming up 30 years thanks for asking) and now they are fashionable he gets a lot of attention from young ladies and men, they are impressed. 

 I was then persuaded to take a senic flight in this flying machine, the worst part was telling them my weight, the rest of the trip a breeze.

You weigh how much?

Mount Wellington rising up behind the city.

And then I made him walk a lot of streets so I could walk off the morning tea and find a divine little shop called Le Petite Marche
which delivered what it promised in a little vintage.

We had a wonderful time and the camera got a nice time too.

 Even on a dull day, Hobart shone.

The view from the hotel.
Yes folks this is a stunning little town and I will return.


  1. Wow - what lovely photographs. I feel like I just enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Hobart by proxy! So nice to see Daffodils as we head into dark autumn in the UK - thank you ! x