Monday, 4 January 2016

A little catch up on the home front

Its not all international travel in my world I will have you know, in fact very little, which is why I am always banging on about it!
So I will change the subject just for now to start my New Year and start to make sense of all my projects. 
Also not a bad time to reintroduce myself to the blog.

 A corner of my creative space, my room is my sanctuary and now I no longer co inhabit with the family computer..its decorated exactly how I excuses, no explanations it is mine to clutter and mess up and put up things and take things down and move other things around. 
In fact I do that a lot, which Feng Shui followers would tell you indicates I have too much clutter and waste a lot of time arranging my "stuff". 
Yeah well. (shugs shoulders). 
 Having said that I did read as much as could glean from other blogs about the new KonMari method and it did make sense. I used to try and store things.....and let me tell you storage is the new devil.
Now its out and proud, and I am trying so hard to let go of things that no longer bring me joy. Trouble is like most collectors I see possibilities in all my "stuff"......I was strong and I did cull a lot of extra things and did NOT buy more storage. (Except for the heaving shelves...are shelves strictly storage???)

The other side of my creative brain space.

 The whole hot mess!

 From one side to.......

The well dressed headless apparition is my dress maker form, I found the bra helped getting fittings correct over my bumpy bits, a great necklace and an apron I think stops her from being immodest.
Design wall to the left, and whats that on the floor? Well how sweet of you to ask!
This is one project that stewed a lot on the back burner of life and is now on its way to being finished.
 Its Maple Leaf Rag from Sarah Fielke and it features in "Material Obsession Two".
Its my scrap project and after a few fits and starts and learning a lot on the way, I think I have it almost right.
There are quite a few teaching moments in this project like accurate foundation, cutting and has a few rough patches but its coming together and I like it.

This is Sarah's version, I think hers has points that meet neatly in the middle on the webs...mine not so much.
But you can really not tell unless you were looking closely at mine.
Its what makes mine all my own work and the errors are all mine too. 
 This is a new slow project from Audrey at Quiltyfolk.
Her 365 quilty project.
Its awesome, select a scrap piece of fabric that sings to you on that day, do this everyday for a year and then we have a fabric mood diary of sorts.
I applique a circle each day and note the day on the back, then I intend to sew them chronologically.
Lets see if my fabric choices change with seasons or moods.

 Audrey started hers in Oct...but my schedule would not allow me to do that and I felt New Years Day would be a place to start so here we are.

I started this on the 15 hour flight, I mean you have to have something to do in airports besides shop and eat.
Now of course I have to finish it......

And this is the staging post for all the flimsies that have yet to be quilted, that is a whole other story, but a spare bed does come in handy and I really am going to try and finish a few more than I start.
Wish me luck and lets see what the year brings!

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  1. Phew! You have your work cut out for you (so to speak!) Love your inspiration center and the idea of a the mood-a-day circle but I know my limitations and would never get to it unless I picked and labelled them to be worked at a different convenient time. Good show!