Saturday, 9 January 2016

....Wait there was more to show.....

Phew, I am so glad to here in my happy place! 
I am dealing with my elderly mother whose mental capacity is suspect and the old family dynamics rear their ugly head.

My sister and I do not communicate very well given a long history of insecurities and manipulation by parents in the past, I thought by the time we had reached the grand old age of 50 odd we would suddenly act in an adult manner. Throw in the interference of money and brother in laws and its becoming very toxic very fast.
And they dont even know about me or my life so they would never have seen this blog....yep close like that!!! LOL

Glad you asked about that huh? No I just had to get this off my chest and then I can concentrate on the good things, like remembering my grand tour of Barcelona.
Remember my infatuation with Gaudi? Yes there is more!

 These are the chimney pots on a building he designed in the main city of Barcelona. They were privately owned apartments and the residents would have had to get used to crowds stopping to take photos. Now it hosts exhibitions and art events

 These are just utilitarian chimney pots, but to an artist such as he, why go that way, why not create beauty that lasts?
These are the balcony iron works, again pure art. See how the sandstone blocks are curved and flowing?

This was completed in 1910 and is considered Art Nouveau.

We whizzed past this building as we were headed to another Gaudi site just down the road, I called the dragon house as you may work out when you see it.
Its official title is Casa Batllo.

Be prepared to have your senses assaulted, in a good way.

 The facade with balconies. This house was started in 1905 as a commission for a wealthy family that was not afraid to flaunt their style and standout in a crowd. Would have loved to have met them, what brave souls to embrace such daring design.

 A shot from the street looking up to the roof, this building is many stories high and when you are inside it feels like it goes up and up forever. 4 or 5 floors I think?
 The sun was setting right behind the roof when we left and I took these shots, so the colour is a little hard to capture. But now you can see my dragon reference....yes, no?
They look like dragon scales to me.
 A rooftop. Seriously could you imagine a whole street or town with this type of design. It would be like living in a fairy tale...sigh!

 And the facade again, all that colour is mosaic work, with large pottery discs fired with colours dotted throughout.
The balconies remind me of masks, and how is the detail even underneath the balcony?  

I did get to tour this building but I will spare you the overload and show you next time.


  1. I think there should be a requirement of people who live in buildings designed by him. A process of selection. They can't live there if they don't appreciate it!

  2. beautiful buildings! yes I can see the dragon! love the mosaics....