Sunday, 21 February 2016

We enter the house of Gaudi....

I will not burden you with too many words, which is not my usual style, but I will just leave you with images of the interior of this glorious building.
I am glad I got to see this in person, if you love design and creativity this will not disappoint.

 Detail of the space over a doorway.
From one side it looks muted, when you enter the room and look back the light coming through illuminates the whole beauty!

Light fitting

Tried to get a shot of the ceiling. It swirls towards the centre of the room like water going down a drain.

 The finish on the columns is hand painted, made to look scaly.
The colours!!! Seriously I swoon when I remember how exquisite this place is.

 A light fitting....I could see this in my home very easily.

 Detail of the mosaic work....hours of artistry.

 You can access the roof top terrace and see the capping tiles.

 More chimney pots
These were covered in glass mosaic tiles, some neutral in colour others very bright.
The thing about this work is of course it wont fade in the harsh Spanish sun and doesnt need painting each year or so. 
However I would imagine there would be some maintenance but these are nearly 100 years old!!!

 There I spared you the hundreds of snaps and distilled it into the best ones.
I hope you enjoyed the beauty.


  1. Oh my Gaudi!! The thing that boggles my brain is that not only did his mind think of these amazing designs but also that they were actually made. All that excellent craftsmanship. And the time it must have taken. mind bloggle overload!

  2. Very cool images! Beautiful design and craftsmanship - must have been such a treat to see in person!