Friday, 4 March 2016

February review

Well here we are....end of February.....another whole month, a twelfth of a year....a leap get the picture!

These little circles of mine are counting down my year, and its quite a process now. I have read the wonderful blogs of the other participants of this challenge and the wisdom and varying styles is wonderful to observe.

I am not preparing my circles ahead of time, but I did spend a day cutting and preparing the background squares so I could just grab a square each day and hunt for the fabric that speaks to me in that moment.

I did fall behind for a day or two as life got in the way of the routine, but I made it my job to at least select fabric daily even if I didn't sew it on the day.

I am writing the date on the back of the squares and I don't cut the fabric away from behind the circle as some have told me that essentially weakens the don't all talk at once, I respect each and everyone of you and what ever method is best is the one you will swear by.....this is mine....smiley face....:-)...smiley face!

I have also managed to start another project that I was itching to try, the rope bowl.
This has been a whole lotta fun. You know all those slim strips of fabric that we get when we square up fabric before cutting? I saved these as they were often the full width of fabric, and then proceeded to wrap them around the clothes line rope. No particular pattern or design in mind, just wrapping the fabric around the rope.

Then I whacked it under the sewing machine, and with a zigzag stitch, (set to the widest setting) I coiled the rope and sewed it down.

There are many tutorials and youtube videos to illustrate. Its a little like a cross between potting and sewing, you angle the bowl up as you want to create the sides. You can do it gently and get a shallow dish, or more steeply and you get a bowl shape.

I am seeing more of these in my future, I have a thing for baskets and bowls. I also want to try other methods and styles. In fact once I did contemplate joining the basket weavers guild to learn more about that magical art. 
You know what? Nothing to stop me now, I think I will do it!!!

And like my sewing, I am lagging a little behind but linking up now with Quiltyfolk for the February review.



  1. Some great looking circles here! Very fun.:)

  2. Great circles! Love your basket too.

  3. Bright and cheerful, both the bowl and your circles.

  4. Really nice circles and the basket is something I would like to do also.

  5. What a fun project challenge. And once again, we match. I'm a basket/bowl person, too! It will be fun to see how this one evolves.

  6. Another amount of beautiful circles, so we go on and on. Have a great time.

  7. I like the way you're picking fabrics on the day. Do you pick them to symbolise the day at all or just what you think is fun. I wonder how it would look if you closed your eyes and reached into your stash? Love, Love Love the bowl!!! I can see your family members getting them for Christmas.

  8. PS. I don't cut out behind my applique shapes either. Only if I was planning to do some fine hand quilting and the extra layer makes it harder to quilt through, or if I had a background that showed through the circles.

  9. I think your circles look happy and coordinated together and yet there's a mix of colours. Amazing how that happens isn't it but yours look great.
    I have cut out a couple of backs but only to release fabric stretch pressure where I stitched abit too tightly and didn't want to unpick the circles themselves lol
    Interesting that though, it's feasible it could weaken the top if it came under heavy huggability!