Friday, 18 March 2016

Prepare to have a picture overload...

Seriously folks this is a post that I have put off in a way because I will rabbit on and on about the genius of the architect and the reason I travelled halfway around the world...(lets face from Australia everywhere is halfway around the world) see this particular of the world!!!

So I will attempt to let the pictures do the talking.

This is the official front entrance of the church, the scale is massive but also may be able to see as there is a human reference there bottom right hand corner.

This was an attempt to get a longer range shot, I am standing in a park opposite the church. The lens I took that day does not do landscape panorama.

 This is the pinnacle over the entrance, the tree of life and the doves are all ceramic. Not painted but glazed.

You see that dash of colour, that is part of the gates in this entrance. This was just recently installed, and are known as the rose gates. This side of the church is dedicated to nature, new begininngs.

 The gates were exquisite, and were completed by a Japanese artist to continue the vision of work started by Gaudi.

 They are cold painted bronze

This is another door way, the colours are more autumnal
 As we entered the tour guide asked us to look up. These sculptures were also completed by the same artist, and you may notice the features on the children's faces are Asiatic. This church has bought together so many artists who have all left their personality which makes this place incredibly inclusive and international.

 A small detail on the gate, I couldn't tarry too long there were queues of people behind me....wanting to take selfies!!!! Don't get me started on selfies.

Now we are inside, and the first thing to do is look up.

 Seriously, have you ever seen such a ceiling?
The light floods in through clever placement of skylights, this was during the day and there was no artificial lighting used. 
Medieval churches struggled to have natural light but this architect solved the issue, again we are talking design before computer aided programs, this was at the turn of the 19th century and even today he would be considered incredibly modern!

This is a small detail that Gaudi would certainly approve, you look back towards the entrance from inside the church, and this detail becomes evident. You wont see it from the outside only from inside. 
I took a bazillion pictures, and I will spare you a complete avalanche because I want you to appreciate the wonders not get bored and flick through.....hey I am guilty of the same thing on other peoples blogs...I get it, if its not your passion or will flick through...........
This church was a passion of mine, there is more to see we have only just stepped inside, until next time lovely have been warned. LOL.


  1. Hey, the photos ran out, I could have handled another 50! I've only ever seen photos from the outside but never these detail shots and the inside. Thank you for sharing these. The words that come to mind - unbelievable, breathtaking, otherworldly, glorious, like-Wow!

  2. Stunning pics - Id love to see this church myself. Incredible as you say since there were no computers to assist in such an out there design then. Phenomenal stone work and adore the added leaves!