Saturday, 22 September 2012

SPRING.......has definitely sprung when.....

But not when these appear but when this happens.......
( caution dont enlarge these pictures, could be ugly haha)

See even the puppy boy is a little bemused...what is that!!!!

Ahhhh, pedicure, sandals and bare legs in the sun by the pool!
Now we are talking!
Now to work on Mr Sartorial.......

Lol, the camera at certain angles can distort sometimes, the Mr actually has very long legs........but mine are that short in real life.

Have sewn all the hexagons into a panel, to make a bag. I am meeting a friend in Texas....yes thats right, Texas for the Quilt Show. Can I tell you I am getting very excited about this trip of a lifetime. I decided when I reached the big 50 to treat myself for once. My friend set down the challenge, she said dont say your gunna.....say you are going to DO that thing. 

It has been a year of thinking, saving and booking and now it looks like it may actually happen.......fingers crossed.

So as I said the bag is a gift.

I am in the process of machine quilting the hexagons, check out the cute fabric from Spotlight that I have used for the top panel. It will also be used in the handles too.

Again from Spotlight, it will be the lining, because we are in TEXAS, ( did I mention I was going to Texas)...

But almost as exciting is this dear blog friends, a big TAA DAAAH
and a reveal
Here it is!!!!!!!

I know a much better reveal than my feet.

I first saw this lovely in a Better Homes and Garden mag back in 1993, and now it finally lives.
I struggled, as you know, it was fiddly and time consuming but like most things worthwhile, it is satisfying to conquer and get to the end.
Compared to the construction the quilting will be a delight, I am currently searching for a design to feature in the yellow blocks, the original had a spider web type of design. My fellow stitchers at the Stitching Post think I need something with a strong linear feel rather than a feather circle. Does anyone else have a suggestion? Please dont be shy I really love to know.

Now I will leave you with some more spring images that you may actually enjoy....