Friday, 14 September 2012

This is a non quilting post....

Just thought you might like to see what other tricks we get up to as a family.

We are slowly.....and I mean slowly, updating our abode and we have finally replaced the chest of drawers in our boudoir. 

This chest has served us well for 20 odd years but the brown no longer goes with the new colour scheme, and the drawers didn't close properly so we trekked off to the big store with the yellow and blue logo and anticipated a fun filled family day of assembling flat pack furniture!  ( big breath)

Guess how many drawers the man of the house has in this setup. .....
Yes I am a bit bossy, it holds his socks and jocks, he needs no more!
He does have half the closet, so dont fret.

let the games begin!

I had to laugh, I think it means that it needs two people to assemble, so I had to find another man with a pencil behind his ear to assist. Couldn't find him so we rebelled against the good advise and went with me.

The excitement was all too much for some, (hehe ....she is going to kill me but this will test to see if she really does read the blog)
Mummy loves you dear...very very much.

Half way there, great we thought that didnt really take long, hang on we have to build the drawers?
All eight of them?

Three hours later

Guess how many drawers the good man has now.


and I am ashamed to say, I did try to get him to use just one!
He put his dainty little foot down and pouted so I said he could have another because he had been so helpful...hahahaha.

And so ends another busy and productive day.

( hehe he will kill me, but this will test to see if he reads my bog)

I love you all very very much.......


  1. Hi Susan, love the new chest of drawers they look very stylish. Lovely photo of Victoria and your puppy boys, they look very comfy.

  2. Your patchwork is coming along nicely, couldn't post comments on that one, not sure why!
    I try and squeeze Mr Beas clothes space too...aren't we naughty! Ada :)