Saturday, 29 September 2012


Another Yeee Harrrr!

I loved doing this bag, it is a gift for someone so that often spurs me on to a quick finish. But also being a somewhat smaller project than a large quilt it keeps my interest focused just that bit better.

 I used a charm pack and 2 inch hexagons, the pattern came from an American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and was designed by Sherri McConnell.

It went together very easily, and I used a very stiff interfacing so the bag can stand and not loose its shape.

As I may have ( ahem) mentioned before this gift is going to Texas so the fabrics are full of meaning.
The charm pack is designed by American Jane, the lining is  called "Yee Har" and depicts Texas cowboys and the top and handles show a typical retro American type childrens illustration.

Very happy with the way it turned out, the proportions are quite good, and it used the whole charm pack.

Now I have another reveal.....( no! come back not my feet again I promise)

This little saga that has taken yeeeeeeaaaarrrrs of sporadic bursts of enthusiasm and concentration.

There are many stitcheries, which I enjoyed doing but the whole lot came together when my darling and wonderful husband built me a design wall.

It was easy then to start placing the little 3 inch squares of fabric into some design and sew it in stages.

 The centre block

Two sentiments I enjoy

Some of the little sticheries, they took some time to complete.
The artwork is lovely, I just followed the lines.
It was designed by Libby Richardson, and I started this in 2008 or so.
It is called Girls Day Out , and I would have to agree a day doing all the shops illustrated in the quilt would be divine.

I have yet to finish it completely as I have to sew on buttons to fill the lolly jars

And the teddies in the shop window.

All in all I am feeling quite upbeat about this, I sewed like a woman possessed just lately, but it feels good to finish a large project.

I machine quilted a cross in each fabric square and stitched in the ditch around each stitched panel. I also machined down any large obvious "bagging" in the stitched panels, mainly around the buildings.
I love applique because I can play with such little scraps of fabric to make a picture. Thus as my blog title would suggest I dont throw out too much.

I am still learning how to use my little camera to its full extent, you would not believe it but years ago I was quite au fait with cameras and had a film SLR outfit which was a dream to use.

Now I struggle with a little digital, but like anything practise will help me overcome. Thank you for hanging out with me so far, I love your comments and hope to speak again soon.


  1. Congratulations on 2 more finishes,you need to slow down you're putting the rest of us to shame!

    Your hexie bag will be loved I'm sure. Can't wait to see your Girls Day Out quilt on the wall its looking awesome.

  2. They are beautiful! Quilts really can't be made in a day! Well done you, fantastic work! Ada :)

  3. Your bag is gorgeous and a beautiful way to use hexies.

    Nina x

  4. Hello I have just found your blog and look forward to reading more,Your quilt is beautiful well done you clever lady,I am now following you.Love Jill XX

    1. Thank you Jill and a warm welcome! I cannot reply directly as your email address does not show but that's OK. Just thought you may wonder why you don't receive an eamil from me. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Susan.xx