Friday, 19 October 2012


I had a great days thrifty shopping just lately, and thought I would show you what I bought home.

I was after a new tablecloth for my little outdoor setting and found this little lovely

When I got it home and examined it, I discovered this has all been hand sewn, not mass produced but lovingly hand stitched, even all the open work and the baskets....such a treasure. I am glad I found it and will treasure it for more years to come.

The plate was just up my alley too, those who know me well have seen my plate decorating style. I love to use them as little works of art, and massed together they make quite a display.

Trouble is I thought this wall had just the right balance, so where and what am I going to do with these!

Dont you just love the sentiment written on the home plate, the design makes it look like a sampler, and I feel a bit mushy every time I read it.
The second plate is by Rob Ryan, a paper cutout artist who makes no apology for his sentimental words. ***sigh****

Yes, more of his works. They are amazing when you remember the original artwork has been painstakingly cut from paper.

So thats that wall space taken, hmmm still no ideas for the new plates yet.
Oh well lets leave that delightful problem and let me show you a little ebay purchase from a little while back.

I just loved the colour, it was wild and whacky and bigger than I thought it was when I purchased it, but its all good, it has a place in the sewing room holding all my other little knick knaky things, so I dont have to search all over the desk trying to find that packet of needles.
And that dear folks is a tidy desk, it does NOT look like that right now. 

Hehe....someone is demanding my attention, I bet not many people have this interruption from their dog, cat maybe but not dog, unless it too is a little chihuahua........I am a wee bit dotty about these pups but who could wesist that widdle faacce...daaawwww.
OK I will go now.....before you all get more than a little embarrassed by that nutty middle aged woman and her pooch. Anyway I think I just heard the car pull up, my daughter has just gone out for her first solo drive after getting her licence, I am trying to stay distracted whilst not freaking out!!!!! the joys!!!! Can I tell you sometimes its was easier when dinner was at 6.00pm and all were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm. But we all must grow up and that includes me. 

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