Wednesday, 10 October 2012

RED and WHITE......

I had a glorious Sunday in the company of two like minded shoppy quilty friends. 
I was invited to accompany them to the annual Quilts in the Barn quilt hanging, to soak in the lovely barn atmosphere and its surroundings.
......and because I offered to drive 

I had never been to this well known event before but my blog savvy  companions have made the trek many times and promised it would be a sight.
Apparently because we here in Australia are a smallish blog community these pictures will be appearing on many other blogs, but what the hey, YOU may not have seen them before dear  my
blog people so here goes

This is an original 1930's quilt, our reproductions are amazingly similar are they not? 

 Some little quilts.....They look great grouped like this, gives me some ideas. I thought the red and white was such a great contrast.

 Love the styling.

A teeny tiny bed....sigh, reminds me of my childhood wish to own a dolls house.

Hehehehe.......this is Debra taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. 
Check out her blog  .
You may see her picture of me taking a picture of her!! 
There were a lot of ladies taking photos for their blogs.

Another original 1930's quilt.  the design is still so modern and graphic. 
I have always said good design is timeless, wonder what quilts of our lifetime will shine on through the decades?

This just spins me out man! I think they put this one up high so we didnt get hypnotised.

This one is on my to do list, I have discussed this with my stitching girls and one insists that I have something in the corners of the lone star. I was not really thinking along those lines until I saw this. 
Is it just me or do you eyes see things moving when you stare at this too long. Again such a classic.

These were also my picks, you dont see too many white on red.
I believe it is possibly because red is the most unstable dye in all manner of things. I hope modern dyes are proving to be more reliable but I do believe it is the red fabric you REALLY REALLY should WASH before using, many will bleed.

After that I needed a cuppa and a sitdown, we had some lovely refreshments there and all proceeds for the weekend went to charity, so as they say win, win.

That dear folks is the tail end of my post.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. These are great, very Christmassy! Ada :)

  2. Thanks Susan you're more organised than I am, I haven't posted yet. I'm relieved I'm holding the camera in the right place!!

    Glad you enjoyed the day. Looking forward to your Lone Star quilt sometime soon.