Wednesday, 3 October 2012

T'was a loverly spring day so I took a short walk......

(yes auto correct I know I misspelt a word but poetic license..sheesh)

As I was saying, it really was a wonderful, sunny, still, spring day and I thought I would take my self away from the manic sewing pile.

My current small project

My many clothes projects

And walk to the end of my street

I am very lucky to live within cooee ( an Australian way of yelling over long distances) of Port Phillip, a bay that at times can be still and flat and others windy and choppy. Today was a flat and still day.....tomorrow we will have strong northerly winds which means high temps as the wind blows in from the centre of Australia and its deserts.

At times I could be miles from the bustling world but in reality I am only meters from a busy road.

Some local birds, near their nest...this is why we need old hollow trees. I used the zoom, trying to learn the digital camera and its ways.

It was actually very hard to see what snaps I had taken as the sun was so bright it was near impossible to see the digital view. There were several times I forgot myself and tried to find the viewfinder as on an SLR. I am so saving for a new camera.

But these snaps give you an idea of the scene.

On the way home, a beautiful planting in a shaded garden, I think they are called clivea......which as a name makes me giggle because I am very immature and still follow undergraduate humour.

This lovely bird gave me his best side for the photo. These guys are quite used to humans, and often hang around in "gangs" on our lawns and nature strips. They are often seen staring at the ground seeking out grubs, I have had one follow me as I gardened so he could grab the insects I had disturbed. I love them, they have a beautiful song we call a dawn chorus, they warble and its a delight to hear. they can swoop in nesting time but I can live with that.

The modelling stopped when his snack announced itself ready.

I came home refreshed and at peace with the world.....until......arrrrrggghhh the builders next door put on their radio, seriously I have put up with near on 12 months of their noise, I lost it.

I put on a CD and cranked it up loudly, they cranked up their radio in response, so I got real cranky and left the house with my wonderful number one daughter and had a nice lunch and bought foreign currency. (as you do) Did I tell you I was going on a trip......

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  1. Noise, it can get to you, eventually! What a lovely space to walk in! A trip.....intriguing ! Ada :)