Sunday, 21 April 2013

STILL HERE.......Just gone a little quiet

Which I actually do when life overwhelms me a little....but I am back and happy to be so.

Although I go quiet I have still been pottering away and planning and doing projects that keep me centred and calm.
I thought when number one daughter started uni and living on campus I would have soooooo much time to myself....ahhh....NOT.

Well not so far, and before you know it, she will finish first semester and have a FIVE WEEK break!! 
She only just got there I swear.
 I keep telling her, lap it up and enjoy, these years are the last time you will get such great breaks. 
Gee sounding like a proper old fart now.

This is the beautiful girl.....

 ..........and this is her gorgeous friend....who assisted in the cake deliciousness that has been photographed is more

Banana and raspberry bread....yum, we ate it straight from the oven

And macaron success.........from a mix by that Zumbo guy....well worth the expense. It worked a treat and was delicious.

And this is what happens when you leave your camera lying around.......

Those two little cherubs in the top photo set me up with a timer shot, they took a selfie then told me to pose in front of the camera, I didnt know they had set the timer, so I was caught in a very compromising position....bowing deeply to the man of the house.

Even the dog was startled and not amused in the slightest by that.

And on that strange note......I will speak again soon.

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  1. Little monkeys! You want see some of the photos my kids have put on my iPad.....never seen such faces! :) x