Sunday, 28 April 2013


I have been beavering away at a little project and by golly it has nearly finished up.
I love this little project as it has been cheap inexpensive and picked off the shelf because it was cheap carefully selected and I was unsure of the result I loved it from the beginning.

Alls well that ends well I say ( Phew) because I did spend many hours stitching over many papers.

Look at me learning how to fancify my photos...thank you picmonkey!

I bought a pack of pre cut hexagon shapes from my local Spotlight and thought, why not? They had done the hard work of cutting and the fabric was all there and did I mention....$8.00 a pack!
2 packs and I was off...
I bought the chocolate as a background type and played with the layout.

This is what it looked like on the design wall.

And this is the border fabric that I went with.

It really has been a jump in type project, one where I was not in full control of the colour and can I say it has turned out really well.

It has taught me a lot about scrap quilting and fabric selection. So often I have agonized over things and gone nowhere and it fact have been disappointed with quilts that have little or no contrast.

Now I know for me, the more eclectic the better, just go for it.

Thats it for now...
...and hey for all you that may like my blog, feel free to leave a would be nice to know someone other that Miss Ada Bea and my other 6 followers are out there...come on dont be shy.

Hmmmm....maybe I may have to bribe you with a giveaway soon!!


  1. I'm here! And I love your hexies....gosh you have been busy! :) x

  2. Love your choice of border fabric that's a great colour.