Sunday, 5 May 2013

ROAD TRIP...........

A few weeks ago some stitchy friends called a road trip to Ballarat with several shop stops on the way.

The first stop was a small town called Ballan where a wonderful quilting shop complete with coffee shop selling the most scrumdidilumptious food. The complete package.

The shoppe was Mill Rose Cottage.

They had the best range of liberty fabrics as well as most everything else I believe!
One lady got so carried away she bought a new sewing machine, I tell you the excitement was high that day!!!

As we were leaving the shop I noticed a colourful fence and sign saying "Op Shop".....STOP!!! I yelled....our driver did so beautifully and I ran over to see this amazing sight.

 What could be up these stairs? What wonders was I so eager to photograph?

Well this for a start....This was the entrance to my kind of enchanted forest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the works of Gaudi of Spain and one day I will travel to Barcelona to see his exquisite mosaic park and the meantime I can appreciate the love and imagination someone has lavished on this place.

And yes it was an Op Shop but sadly closed on that day...all good it just means I will go back.

I was in photo heaven everywhere I looked there was something else to snap....bliss.
And my friends were so kind and patient waiting as I ran hither and yonder.

I loved the colour blue and the shading of green, the duck lying on the fence, the portholes ......

The little treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Sadly I didnt get the greatest shot of this was so ...well words fail me....beautiful is one word 

As you can see I was enamoured by it all, and this was just the fence, we couldnt get in to see the garden so who knows what other sights you have been spared...:-)

OK I will stop now......

We drove onto Ballarat and had a great lunch and shopped at 

This business is up for sale...if I had any skills in running a business I would love to take on such a venture.....but I really dont and whats more I am almost savouring retirement....well I dream of the day..

These are the diamond days...


  1. I will have to find out where exactly that shop is Susan, I have only seen the one op shop in Ballan and it was definitely not this one... what a gorgeous setting. I have the intention of going to Ballan on a Saturday soon on an op shopping tour via there and on to Daylesford. We might even end up there on the same day and I wouldn't even know you! Weird thought. Jo x

  2. Wow, what a beautiful garden, they don't have 'op' shops like that around here! :) x

  3. Those mosaics are fabulous what an interesting garden.

  4. What lovely photos - you would love the Gaudi park I went for a special birthday weekend a few years ago it was spectacular x

  5. What gorgeous pictures, the greens and blues so vibrant. I saw your comment over at BoboBun and thought I'd pop over and say hi. Sarah x

  6. Oh my goodness, Susan. those photos are fabulous; you would have had to drag me away from there, I'm afraid!

    I saw your comment on Bobo Bun's blog and liked what you said, lovely post. Looking forward to diving into your archive to read some more!

  7. Hello Susan - I came across from the Faerie Factory to have a look at your blog - very interesting and colourful - gorgeous pics!
    I am also in Australia - do feel welcome to have a look at my place when you have time. Joy x