Sunday, 26 May 2013


A tea cosy a little town called Fish Creek.

Pictures to follow.

Yep, I heard about this event on the radio and mentioned it to a friend, who said.."Lets Go"

So we did just that. It was a good two hour drive and it must be said we were a little apprehensive......would it be worth the trip?

Would we arrive to see one or two desultory tea cosy offerings and not much else?
Well what was there to lose? Half a day of driving, not much else, and where was our spirit of adventure?...( in the boot along with the spare tyre, haha)

The centre of every good country town, the pub!
.....oh and yes the occasional fish sculpture.

Thats art, that is! Street performers added colour and movement to the day.
Funny, but I wore red and black that day, I was right in the scene.

No, not the festival...not yet. This was part of the market being held that day. There were some lovely stalls, and I may have purchased something. But that comes later. 
This lovely lady knits profusely and well, her cosies were all for sale, so my friend who has a strange love of the cosy did take one home.

Not this one, I just thought he was cute and took his photo, (with permission)

They were all worthy of being taken home, decisions, decisions.
Anyway I took her card and if you wanted a tea cosy, email me and I will pass on her details.

Ta dah...this is what I took home.

I loved the colours and the collection so thoughtfully put together, I tried to resist but couldnt. 
Now I just need some sunny weather and I gonna take me on a picnic.

Ohhhhh, whats that I spy in the window?

Yes, we have made it to the festival proper. And it was very cute and worth the trip....along with the shopping, the great lunch and good company.

And my personal favourite

I snuck in this photo as the official photographer was setting up shots for the local paper.

Very sweet....

 No competition without controversy...

Off with his head...pronounced the queen.

Then we left the festival and headed home into the sunset. I may even return and do it again next year!


  1. What a fabulous day. I love what you bought. I would have had a hard time choosing a tea cosy they all looked fabulous.How did I not hear about a tea cosy festival?

  2. Looks like you had a very fun day, the tea cosies look like lots of fun.

  3. So much to love in this post. The picnic basket, the tea cosies. Amazing. I especially love the one with the crown on, oh my it's a delight.

  4. That sounds like my kind of festival! All those tea cosies look wonderful and I love what you bought.
    M x

  5. Gosh, you do find wonderful and exciting treasures Susan - or maybe they find you!
    Thank you for sharing it all, I really enjoyed my visit with you once again!
    Joy x

  6. Looks like a very funny day! What said your husband to your booty? I have never heard of tea cosies :-)) Dagmar <3 on Doros account (why have daughters accounts and mothers are not allowed to do that??? But I work for it.

  7. Lots of happy cosies there,lovely. xx