Monday, 10 June 2013

I Have been busy........

Yes folks I have been very industrious in the interim, where to start?

Firstly my darling husband gave me a wonderful new lens for my camera for Mothers Day! 
Seriously we have been married for 28 years now, we have children aged 24 and 20...we have stuck together through so much that I thought know ....surprises were far and few between.....

I was apparently a picture of surprise shock and delight when I opened the Mothers Day gift fully expecting the usual pajamas.. (which I do request and are more than happy with)......and it was a wonderful new pictures are so much better now...dont you think?

My paperweights

My fur babies...dont judge me..:-)


The man of the moment

And as you can deduce, I didnt take this shot, as I would not have placed the lion on my shoulder.

I am getting braver about facing the camera now, its all about self love. Seriously not many of us can look like magazine girls and I am larger than any you will see gracing the pages...but I am OK with this now. Fifty and free to be me.

Which is perfectly encapsulated in this wonderful little design by Jennifer Pudney.  Bathing beauties......
Ms Pudney writes that she remembers local swimsuit competitions from her childhood, where she thought the largest one was always the winner. 
Check out her designs here.

These kits are so lovely I have a wall of them completed now. The kits come with everything you need, and they are EASY to complete, like painting with cotton. You use all six strands so no separating threads, and no counting, just colour in the design on the canvas, no accuracy needed.

And I leave you with the above pictured sentiment.

When I saw this I just had to have it, it was designed by this talented lady.
Follow this link.

So now you can look forward to better photos on my blog, or I may run off and start a new photography blog!!! blog is enough.


  1. Hi Susan - nice to see you again - you're looking very well and happy!
    Isn't your hubby sweet to buy such a gift for you - even after years of marriage these lovely men find ways to surprise us!
    Your pics are beautifully clear Susan - so you've proved already that the gift was worthwhile!
    Have a great week. Joy x

    1. Thank you Joy, we were all amazed at how clear the new lens has made the pictures. And yes some husbands..the keepers.......know how to keep us happy. :-)

  2. Wow what a wonderful surprise ... and I just love those red shoes of yours :) x