Sunday, 22 July 2012


This is my current work in progress. I have caught the bug from various places and people. One cannot deny the pleasure of something that is not too taxing and can be done in front of the TV.

It was inspired by this rug my daughter saw and bought from my local op shop. A big hello to the folks at St. Augustines! I scoffed when my daughter asked me to look out for such a piece, I said, You will never find them easily they are very "in" right now and would be snapped up very quickly. Well she found it very much the next day.....lucky her.

It is very seventies in its colour, I quite like it and so does my daughter, but I felt compelled to update the colour palette and do one in wool, this one is soft acrylic.

This was my very first attempt at granny squares, it came from a Cath Kidston kit that I saw in the local bookshop in an adorable tin. I love tins, so it was mine.

The instructions were wonderful, and the hook a pretty red, after it took me a whole day to work the first granny square, I haven't looked back. 

I keep my wools in this adorable felt tub, purchased a few years ago at AK Traditions, they were made in some exotic .....ekstan type province. They are lovely works of art.

These are the motifs that run around the tub.

Well thats it for now, off to the craft show on Friday, a quick visit and a workshop in purse making is on the horizon. I will keep you all posted on what I must purchase and bring into my already overflowing works to do list.


  1. Your crochet squares are looking really great. Love your wool container very pretty.

    Have fun Friday at the craft show, I'm still trying to decide whether I can go....

  2. Beautiful squares, I love them :)