Thursday, 19 July 2012


This is the start of my pink story. I found this wonderful piece in my local op shop, or as others may refer, a thrift store.

I walked past several times over several days, it was cracked, its head is wonky and it had lost the roses from its head. But it was pink and pretty and only $1. So it eventually came home with me. I love it.

It has become the basis of my pink collection.

Even my sewing machine has touches of pink on it

What can I say, the colour speaks to me, I have heard it say that we wear pink when we seek love and affection......actually I wear a lot of black so what does that say? 

This is a doll I made a while ago now, it was a Rosalie Quinlin design. I love her colors and I pretty much followed her lead all the way.

The wings are painted, and she has been joined with her sisters to make this lovely piece.

The legs and shoes are painted also. This was the start of my love of Rosalie's designs and I really embarrassed myself when I got to meet her in person. I all but squeaked and blushed......she was very calm and smiled at the slightly deranged fan lady.

This is on my design wall at the moment, something I found in the 80's from a Better Homes and Garden Magazine. It just so happens that templates have been made by Matilda's Own that matched the magazine pattern. So I have used them to help me make it. So easy if you remain accurate. Inset seams and all, because I do love a challenge.

I had some Liberty fat 8ths that I had picked up at a quilt show, and it all came together. I am half way there so maybe now I have the blog to fill up I will push on a hurry up with the rest. I do however have a short attention span at times and if the sewing gets too repetitious I can loose focus. Just me?

Well I hope this works, I am about to hit the publish goes.


  1. Love your pink swan I think my Mum has one just like it. Your block looks really great its going to be a lovely quilt when its finished. Scalloped border?


    1. Thanks Debra, no scalloped border this time. :-) I am still trying to work this bloggy thing so I wonder if you receive this as an email or does it just sit here in this place. Here goes.