Wednesday, 25 July 2012


You know when I started this bloggy adventure, I sorta wondered what I would talk about, now I am walking around composing witty posts in my head, and wondering if this is the sort of thing people would want to read about.

Its easy at first as we introduce ourselves, and give a little snap shot of what interests us. But how to keep your interest? I ask myself.

I love reading other peoples blogs so what is it I like about theirs? 

Well I have decided what I really like is the type of blog where someone has the courage to talk honestly about their thoughts and their day to day activities. 

The few blogs I follow so far are written in this candid style, and I feel as if we are the sort of friends that catch up for a cuppa and just chat. So taking their lead, that is the what I think will work.

This is my favourite tea mug,bit bigger than a dainty cup. I was lucky enough to find this in an outlet shop. It is designed by Zandra Rhodes and made by Wedgewood. I love Wedgewood tea services but they are generally out of my price range. This one mug was all I could afford.

My camera is very box brownie basic, in fact I think mobile phones have better resolution, but bear with me, the plan is to justify a better camera in the future. And what better way than a blog. 

I dont know if you can see the background design on this cup but it reminds me of free motion quilting. If you cannot and are frustrated dont blame your eyesight, it really is my bad camera. I must drink three up to four or on a bad day, five cups of tea from this mug.

Its fine bone china, and as we all know tea tastes better in bone china. Try it if you dont believe me. Well the mug gets quite stained by the tannin, and I got quite a bad tea stain in the bottom, I am not showing you how it looks on the inside, it is seriously grotty. I was having a devil of a time cleaning it out, then I remembered reading a tip, try soaking a denture tablet in it overnight.........IT WORKED.

Inspired by Ms Deb from her wonderful blog...Works In Progress, I expanded my op shop search and found St. Vinnies on the highway. Seriously I keep forgetting it is there. After I dropped number one daughter at the station, I took a detour past and dropped in.

This is what I found.

It is a basket, and I was immediately attracted to its design. How gorgeous is that!

It has a blue fabric lining, which I will change one day soon.....soonish.

And just because I had only spent a few dollars, I then took this home too

I do have a love of baskets, one can never have too many places to store the projects and fabric, can one?

My number one daughter will roll her eyes and sigh when she sees this so I have popped it under the table, she will never know. My husband, bless him, doesnt even bother to sigh any more....I not that bad really.

Thank you for your company, I read all comments, just bear with me whilst I work out how to reply with an email. At the moment it appears that I only leave the reply on the blog. If anyone can advise I would appreciate it.


  1. I love baskets! You can never have too many. The email thing is something to do with the settings. I'll try and find it for you

  2. Wow Susan you need to slow down a bit, you're a serious overachiever at this blogging business. Jack tells me its not a competition!! I think your tech support is better than my tech support.

    Look forward to some help from you next week!

    We need to have a talk about the baskets, take it from someone who knows they have a bad tendancy to multiply and before you know it they've taken over the house. It is a very cute basket but just be warned.

  3. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog! Your daughter did right, well done daughter! You are obviously great at crochet and I LOVE your taste in teapots! Ada :)