Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little more about me

This is a posy taken from my winter garden. the lovely green tub was given to me at Christmas by my sons girlfriend, I have just refreshed the oasis and use it for the cut flowers. it really suits the table and the placemat I made years\ago. Funny story about that mat. I thought it had faded in the sun, one day I spilt my tea all over it so it needed washing, well I am ashamed to say, it was not faded just very very dusty...........so its clean now.

This is my current cross stitch project, I bought the pattern on sale for three dollars, and I thought great!, a cheap project, forgot the cost of threads and the TIME it would take me. Oh well, what else would I do? I am now up to the  stage where I am finishing all the last touches and for some reason I have slowed down, I love it and I dont mind its slow progress. I am adding beading and for me that is the equivalent of eating dessert, slowly and with much pleasure.


  1. Found you. Now the pressure will be on to keep posting. Your flowers are so pretty I am going outside to pick some of my camelias.

    1. Thanks for finding me, now to live up to expectations.....:-)

  2. Beautiful cross stitch, such careful work!! Good on you :)