Friday, 17 August 2012

A Little Trip to Town

During the week number one daughter and I took a little trip to town, mixing a little chore with some pleasure.

We have done this on a regular basis over the years and we have a real girly time together, usually with me paying....but this time as she is a working girl, she got to spend her own money. I did pay for lunch!

As we sat down in the food hall for said meal, I looked up and saw this.

So I whipped out the trusty mobile phone, and snapped away, and so did a few others I noticed.
Tis lovely and cheery.

Then I persuaded number one daughter to shop upstairs in Morris and Co, a cute little wool shop, where I saw this.

This bicycle is being lovingly yarned, I got permission to snap these, and the artist responsible told me she still has things to further do. I think I should pop back later and witness the progress. 
This shop is a gem for wool lovers, and it is arty as well.

Not hugely practical but I dont think that was the point, so pretty.

I apologise for the blur, it was my mobile phone, and I was giddy with excitement. 

This is the back view, I forgot to get shots from the front as daughter was very embarrassed by her mum at that stage.

I just love the thought and work that has gone into this.

We continued the day with me turning my focus on number one daughter and her needs. 
She was persuaded by me to finally buy the shoes she had been talking about for a long time now. 

Pretty cool huh?

Sadly I remember Doc Martins the first time around, but they only came in you think a woman of a certain age could revisit her lost youth? 
Somehow, I think I will stick to my more appropriate orthotic friendly sensible shoes......for now.........maybe.


  1. Hi Susan great photos of your day out. The umbrellas look great and really love that bike. Any plans for a makeover on yours?hahaha

    Deb x

  2. Could just see me on a bike like that! Ada :)