Sunday, 12 August 2012


I really do appreciate the comments that fellow bloggers have taken the time to leave me. It is the sharing of these little crafty moments that make me glad we have such interests that keep us sane.

Because sometimes I can be a little

(not the fat free part....the 2 minute part)

When I want to be more
the slow and steady part....not the old crock part! 

But I did manage a small project finish...well two actually and that made me feel a little better....cos I do love a finish.

A little kit from an English cross stitch mag, designed by Emily Peacock......check out her website she has more wonderful designs, and she was the designer of my HUG tapestry also. 

...and a small pin cushion from Robyn Rich, the photo doesn't show all the detail, but thems all french knots.

I also kept up my goal to chip away at the nosegay blocks, and they are coming along....only 3 to go...yay.

I kept a photo of the finished quilt near my sewing machine to also keep me motivated, I have had this on my list since 1993! so you can see why I got impatient a little.

Anyway, this blogging has caused me to meet some wonderful crafty souls out there , and I have never met a crafter I did not like.
Oh and I just couldn't resist this either

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  1. There you go you can finish something! Gosh what a lot of French knots! Ada :)