Monday, 6 August 2012


I need some bloggy encouragement, at this point I feel a little overwhelmed and distracted by the vast number of projects that I have taken on in my creative life.

It is all my own fault, I blame no one but myself, but now I need to at least complete something before I move on to yet another.

 It takes me an hour to go from this to.......

As well as a lot of pressing and easing and trying to make the block sit flat. Luckily I am not a perfectionist and I know the quilting will take care of some of the wobbles.

It is just that I have 20 of these to complete and I am running out of steam, I want to finish them I really really do, but then I want to do this as well

Really I just need to stop fretting and just do, so I have set myself a goal of one a night, and at that rate I should finish this week, cos as we speak I have whittled it down to 8.

I have a project in every room of the house, sewing machine work, hand work, day work and tv work.....I know I am not alone in this.

Maybe this blog will keep me honest, or maybe it will make me try to overachieve, really  I should get off the computer and get cracking but I do like a little chat to distract me.......aaaaarrrrgghhh.......alright, alright I will get back to that block.

Really just chatting has helped, Thank you.


  1. Hi Susan Love the nosegay block will make a lovely quilt. Do you think you can have your hexagon purse finished by next week for show and tell.

  2. I too am like a creative butterfly, fly from one thing to the other, I have so many WIP! Yours are lovely, they'll get finished one day, don't stress! Ada :)

  3. Hi Susan I think you are doing a great job with your nosegay blocks, you've got those y seams perfected. We wouldn't be quilters if we didn't have lots of projects on the go. You're in good company with that problem. Your hexies are looking fab too, nice selection of colours and patterns. Can't wait to see show and tell next week!hahaha

  4. Remember how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!!!!

  5. I will second the above comment.
    I have a lot of UFO's and WIP's and the first and most important thing to do is: Accept that you are a starter, a beginner and take one bite at a time. That it is okay. That you need to work on various things so you wont get bored. It is all about having fun - it is not work, although we put a lot of that in it:-)
    I have a lot of unfinished projects. I like the process more, that is where I enjoy, learn, get ideas and creative. I allow myself to do whatever I like and I very rarely set a deadline for anything. Deadlines kills my mojo - it becomes 'work' and I feel pressure and get stressed - the fun dies.
    I recently joined a small group, where we list our UFO's and a random generator picks a project every month. We can accept or work on something else, there are prizes, no pressure and lots of fun. Even prizes for the most hilarious excuse not to do the project!
    To my great surprise this has been a great relief, I'm now finishing an old ufo and at the same time working on other projects. And it has helped to put a lot of the WIP's and UFO's away - out of sight.
    So you are not alone and you should not feel bad. Some of us work best this way and its okay:-)

  6. I know the feeling - too many WIPs and not enough ticks. And I SO love the feeling of completing a project. I did something a while ago where I had a primary and a secondary project per week. That got me finishing a couple of things, but now the pile is creeping up again. I really do love the HUG tapestry, I'd say finish that first!