Saturday, 25 August 2012

After the rain.......the rainbow.

this was taken outside my backdoor during the week, we are heading into Spring and we are getting some topsy turvy days.

Which may explain my headspace, not really I can be pretty topsy turvy whatever the season!

After my exercise in fiddly blocks with precision sewing and the clothes making stint, I turned my attention to a simple and quick project just to blow out the cobwebs.
I bought this charm pack of vintage sheets from Deb at Fabrichicks, now I am going to attempt a link here, so hold on......

Check it out, there are some lovely packs, I am currently waiting for a scrap pack so I can start another project.....more on that when I start.

I was thinking about what to do with these lovely fabrics, and then it just hit me, I got them on my design wall and just stared playing just as imagined Deb would. I love her colour sense and straight talking quilting......just do. So I did.

Then I wanted it bigger so when I was potting around Spotlight as you do when you want to have some escape, I saw Denyse Schmidt on SALE, $8 a meter and this is what I found.

I really could not believe my luck, her fabrics were made for vintage sheet sewing.

Two inch, inner border, 4 inch outer border and the binding. I am very happy with this one, it makes me smile.
I may have to fight number one daughter for this, but she will win because she does love my quilts and that makes me smile a lot harder.

And vintage sheet found at Vinnies for the backing......happier still.

I have found such a wealth of inspiration and hints since finding out about craft blogs, and for that I would have to thank my friends Debbie and Tracey. 
I met these wonderful ladies because I hung around their place of work buying and dropping off op shop goodies, I had just been through a really rough time in my family life, it was hard, people I thought were reliable just drifted away in my hour of need, but after the rain the rainbow........
So I am grateful for the chance I had to meet you all, real and virtual, and the shared inspiration.

Still plugging away, happy about this too.

PS. Do you like my new layout?


  1. So glad you are being inspired by all the Crafty Stuff- love the patchwork you are doing! Ada :)

  2. Love your layout for your bouquet blocks. The yellow is very pretty with your scrappy blocks. Room for some handquilting I think.

    Glad we inspired you to start blogging. Now you can show me how to link.hahaha! You never know what treasure you'll find at the op shop.!! Very glad we found each other.x