Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Feeling quite productive 

Compared to my previous dilemma about the number of projects I had piling up, I feel very productive now.

Maybe because I have finally finished those blocks


20 of the little B%%'s finished.

If this project has taught me anything, it is I really do not like lots of repetitive complex fiddly blocks, so after I stumbled across the line I did a quick clothes sewing binge.

Meet my other friend in the sewing room, her name is Diana, and she is a recent addition to my life. 
Because I am a size utterly amazing, I have found that sewing at home enables me to sew clothes that are not made to make me look like a refrigerator. I have curves and damn it I will wear a red polka dot dress if I so desire...and I do. But do the chain stores make them for amazing woman....nope.

Ta Dah.....

I love Diana because initially I had to try and fit and alter this dress on me, and there are only so many times your teenage daughter will zip you up and pin you. Son just runs screaming from the house and husband disappears to the shed.
When Diana came to stay, I thought I may be a little confronted to see my amazing size replicated...but hey I am not so bad. My tummy is a little bigger but this pattern skims over the belly and I feel very pretty in it.

 This pattern is very versatile, and I have made another dress with out sleeves which I wear a top under.

So that is what I do when I am not patchworking.

Now before I go I must show you some amazing fabric I found in my local Spotlight store.
It looks like rows of ruffly crochet, and it was stretchy and colourful. Bought a meter and whipped this up, tube skirt, elastic in waist and didn't even need to hem it due to the fabric construction.
Done in 20 mins tops!
 I wear it under a big black loose tunic top and have already received a few compliments, I must say!

Got to love the sewing, just not the fiddly blocks, did I mention that?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your blocks you've done really well to do them so quickly. They look great can't wait to see them all together.

    Love all the clothes you make, you always look very stylish. Glad you've got a helper in the sewing room!

  2. That dress looks good, you show off your curves! Ada :)